Hotels in USA & Canada

From an inordinate choice, we’ve whittled our collection of places to stay down to the very best and you’ll find an enticing collection of hotels, dude ranches, ocean front pads, wilderness lodges and quaint, charming inns. In the cities, you’ll find the big name luxury hotels with impeccable service and as you head out beyond the city limits, there are characterful boutique hotels, remote wilderness lodges in the midst of breath-taking scenery, isolated lodges in the heart of the desert – all differing in style yet offering the same warm, friendly all-American greeting.

USA & Canada Hotel Ideas

Our specialists have travelled every inch of USA & Canada and stayed in countless hotels so that we can recommend only the very best ones to match your preferences. Whether you want to stay at the hottest property in the area or are looking for somewhere with rustic charm, our handpicked selection of hotels has every angle covered.

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