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Everyone knows that family vacations aren’t always stress-free. Keeping children entertained can be hard work and who wants to work on vacation? At Scott Dunn, we understand that when the kids are happy, parents have the best opportunity to relax and unwind, which is why we have developed vacations especially for children and teens.

For children aged 4 months up to the age of 11, we run Explorers kids clubs at selected resorts: seven in the Med, two in the Alps and and two in the Indian Ocean. Offering a structured program of age-appropriate activities, Explorers kids clubs are led by teams of qualified professionals and designed to provide the best care and fun for our younger guests.

For older children aged 11+, we have introduced Crew. A flexible 18-hour program split over 6 days, Crew is specifically designed for more independent older children (aged 11+) and teens who want time away from Mum and Dad whilst having fun with friends their own age. There’s no base camp or set-weekly timetable but a fantastic mix of water- and land-based group activities, all pre-arranged with the Scott Dunn Crew Leader. Crew is available at Costa Navarino, Greece and Sun Gardens in Croatia. Alternatively, for those wanting a taste of watersports, we have an Aqua Explorers program at Eagles in Greece for children 5-13 years.

Whether your children are tiny tots or early teens, our Explorers kids clubs and Crew give you the opportunity to finally have that relaxing family vacation you’ve always dreamed about.

Crew activity program for over 11 years

Older children are always the hardest to keep entertained, which is why we developed CREW, an activity program for 11+.

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We’re proud of our reputation in luxury family travel and every year our specialists help thousands of parents create incredible vacations for the entire family. We thought it would be fun to turn the tables and ask our youngest guests to give us their advice about what makes a perfect vacation. As you’ll see, they weren’t short of a word or two – in fact, they talked so much we’ve created a trilogy!

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Childcare for the under 4s

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