For families with pre-school children, June is the perfect time to escape to the Mediterranean. With a private nanny and full staff, our luxury villas are a good choice. For romance, Italy is beautiful at this time of year, and the Greek islands are sublime without being too hot. Lisbon is well known for its parties, but in June they celebrate Santo Antonio, starting with a costumed parade up to the city castle as a prequel to the most extravagant parties you’ll have ever experienced.

There’s all kinds of wonderful wildlife to experience in June. You could head to Western Australia for whale sharks, or Madagascar for its myriad of extraordinary species of animal and plant. Elsewhere in Africa, this is prime game viewing season in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. In Botswana the Okavango Delta is in full flood.

Then there’s the Caribbean and the exquisite islands of the South Pacific, and the adventure of Colombia and Peru, to name just a few exciting places. Below you can browse all the destinations we offer that are best seen around this time of year.

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Where to travel in June

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