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Meet the team

We're not just a room of telesales people. Each of our specialists lives and breathes travel, and has plenty of knowledge to share. Here you can put a picture to the voice, and learn a little more about them too.

Everyone at Scott Dunn has one thing in common: a love of travel, exploring the world, discovering new places. Each expert has first-hand experience of their specialist area, and likes nothing more than sharing their insights with whoever happens to call.

We're not just a website search engine. We're real people, in real offices - and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest. When you talk to us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the world of travel. Why spend hours researching unknown places, flight routes and transfers when our specialists can share this wisdom with you effortlessly, and tailor something amazing for you that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind?

Here you can learn a bit more about the people on the end of the phone; who they are, where they’ve been, their favorite properties and places, and their travel nuggets. You can look up someone you’ve spoken to before, or browse to find which travel specialist to talk to about a specific destination.

You can also find out a bit about the team behind the scenes; a highly experienced group of directors and managers, some of whom have been with Scott Dunn since its advent, and some who've brought their expertise from elsewhere in the travel industry to make Scott Dunn the luxury tour operator that it is today.

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London office

Our London office houses around 120 members of our team, including many of our travel specialists, our IT and marketing teams.

Chichester office

Our Chichester office houses around 55 staff, including travel specialists, operations and accounts staff.

Meet our Far East specialists

Our Far East specialists here at Scott Dunn have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion for this vast, diverse and fascinating part of the world. Having each traveled extensively throughout the region, from China, Japan and Burma to the remote corners of Indonesia’s spice islands and everywhere in between, they have immersed themselves in unique cultures, encountered spectacular wildlife and discovered the truly unique experiences the Orient has to offer. The Far East team pride themselves on creating unique and unforgettable adventures amongst the colorful landscapes and exotic cultures of Asia, along with supremely relaxing beach escapes at some of the most spectacular hotels in the world.

Our Europe specialists

Our dedicated Europe specialists all have an incredible wealth of knowledge and passion of the area. They have lived in and traveled extensively throughout the region and all spend many weeks each year visiting different parts to keep up to date with the best places to stay, eat and explore. Their first-hand knowledge means that they can create the perfect European vacation for our guests.

Our Indian subcontinent specialists

Our Middle East specialists

Meet our Latin America specialists

Meet our safari specialists

Our Africa specialists have lived in Africa, worked in safari lodges and camps, guided and taught, and our knowledge of this beguiling continent is matched only by our passion for all it has to offer. As safari specialists we'll not only recommend the best places for you to visit but also tell you when to go (and when not to). We cherry pick lodges and camps that give you superb guiding, superior service and incredible locations. As perfectionists we work hard to find exactly the right destination and properties to suit what you want to see and do. With myriad choices our there, we're here to guide you and create your dream safari.

Our ski specialists

Meet our ski specialists. They all share a passion for skiing and would love to share their enthusiasm and experience with you. They have all spent time in the mountains and know exactly why you want to head to the slopes yourselves. We are continually adding to our ski hotels, chalets and resorts and each time we do we make sure a specialist has been out to experience it first hand.

Meet our Australasia specialists

Our North America specialists

Our team of North America specialists have a long standing love of the continent. Having traveled the length and breadth of the United States and Canada, our experts are well equipped to craft the perfect itinerary for you and your loved ones. So whether it's a road trip through California or a ranch vacation in the Rockies, our team have first hand experience of our properties and destinations, ensuring you get the best advice on where to go and when.

Our North America ski specialists

Management team

Find out more about the global Scott Dunn management team.

Our Mediterranean specialists

Our Indian Ocean specialists

Our Caribbean specialists

Eli Hardcastle

Eli's love of South America started with an incredible trip to the Galapagos islands, it was only natural that she'd head to the white continent in search of penguins!

"My trip to Antarctica still feels like a dream to be honest – it is another world and truly a once in a lifetime. My favorite part about the destination was seeing penguins in the wild, they are so clumsy and hilarious!"

Grant Greenham

After first traveling to Latin America as a 19 year old, Grant quickly became addicted to the vibrant culture, friendly people and diverse landscapes the continent has to offer. Fast forward to the present, and he has lived in Chile and clocked up over 2 years of travel to almost every country from Mexico to Argentina.

Julie Norton

I took my first international trip to Ireland when I was 17 and have been excited about exploring new places ever since. Every time I travel I like to go somewhere drastically different from the last trip. From cities skyscrapers to jungle treehouses there are so many types of experiences waiting to be had.

Lauren Duran

My love for the ocean has brought me to travel to beautiful places all over the world. As an avid surfer I always find it so incredible that I have found myself in some of the most remote places, connecting with the most interesting people and the power of the ocean has all brought us there together.

Leigh Sassone

As a native New Yorker my passion for traveling and culture has ultimately taken me far beyond the five boroughs. Traveling to 40+ countries - yes, I’m keeping count - that passion has yet to cease. As a teenager, spending summers in Ireland with family friends I immersed in the spectacular forty shades of green kissing the Blarney Stone and forever with the gift of gab.

Paul Connolly

"Kayaking with Beluga Whales was spectacular. Beluga whales are known for their inquisitive and friendly nature, taking to the water in their natural habitats enables close encounters – truly breath-taking."

Adam Ang

I can't think of anything better than packing a rucksack and venturing off to somewhere new and unknown. I love sharing my travel experiences with fellow travelers, sharing top tips and highlights for our next trips. My most memorable trip was with my Mum in Europe which I designed myself. Lasting 38 days, it was a mini 'Grand Tour' which had my Mum smiling for days!

Alex Ancira

Growing up in San Diego, a place where others dream of visiting, I always knew there was more I needed to explore outside of state lines. But it wasn’t until my Junior year of college studying abroad in London that I really got bitten by the bug.

Alexa Steele

I fell in love with travel whilst studying in Spain, experiencing the culture, language and food first hand just drew me in, and I quickly developed a desire to see new places. After university I spent 6 months in Asia and then a year in Latin America. I feel most at home when outdoors; whether it is wandering around a new city, relaxing on a beach or heading off on a full day hike.

Alice Moseley

My passion for travel began when I lived in Hong Kong. Since then I have continued to travel visiting islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. Explored the Middle East including Oman and the UAE, hopped around Europe, visited Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and nearly made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Alice Peal

I have to say, I’m a self-confessed ski addict and sunshine hunter. I love an adventure whatever the weather! I think my love of traveling and exploring new places is genetic – my 94 year old Granny is still taking herself off on long and exciting journeys around the globe.

Alison Carey

There's nothing that I love more than planning a new adventure! I'm the type of person who is always dreaming about my next trip and learning about new destinations and experiences.

Amy Ropner

Living, breathing and seeing exciting places is an endless pursuit and so working in travel was the only job for me. Each place in the world inevitably has its own appeal yet my passion is focused on India Arabia & Asia; whether it's the authentic food, fascinating people or verdant and dramatic landscapes it really continues to capture my attention.

Ana Albiol

Having been born into the travel industry with my father working for a major European airline, I have been lucky enough to grow up with the world at my feet. Over the years, I've traveled to most continents with the exception of South America and Australasia and I hope that these are areas I can tick off my list in the next few years with my son in tow, a joy for travel clearly runs in our genes.

Andre Rickerby

Andre is the Chief Marketing Officer at Scott Dunn, leading on all aspects of marketing with a particular emphasis on further building-out digital marketing, overhauling CRM as well as continuing to take the brand forward after 30 years of growth.

Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn wanted to ski for free, so at the age of 22, he set up his own ski company in 1986. Now Scott Dunn has become one of the market leaders in luxury customized travel. It’s Andrew’s passion for travel and attention to detail that drives the company philosophy that nothing is too much trouble and that those who travel with Scott Dunn are not just vacationmakers, they are our guests.

Anna Thomas

I was lucky enough to begin my love for travel at a very young age, every year my family and I would go on Family vacations to destinations all over North America such as Hawaii, Mexico, National Parks and many more.

Anna Coplon

Growing up on an island off the coast of Maine, my first instinct after graduating high school was to travel as far as I could from our sheltered home. I signed up to volunteer in a township outside of Cape Town and jumped on the plane without a second thought.

Anna Bleasdale

Since joining Scott Dunn in 2007, I specialized first in the Indian Ocean and Caribbean and then for the last few years I've moved to specializing in North America. It’s a fascinating area of the world with amazing diversity from big cities to small towns, amazing scenery and wildlife - I return to again and again and always find something new to experience.

Anna Harlow

Originally from New Zealand, I always knew I wanted to venture over to the Northern Hemisphere at some point. This opportunity came in 2008 when I had saved up enough money to buy a one-way ticket to London. My idea was to spend two years working and traveling through Europe but plans change and nine years later, I am still here!

Arthur Pope

I discovered my wanderlust early on following my artist father across America from gallery to gallery, and it grew as I did. Having since gone on to travel some 40 countries across the world and live in Asia for half a decade, these days I’m thrilled to be sharing my love of travel with our guests!

Ashling Mulkeirins

The best feeling for me is the night before a vacation when you can’t sleep because you're too excited counting down the last hours before you're off on a new adventure! Having traveled to so many beautiful and wonderful destinations across Europe I love the fact that I can create this feeling for my guests too!

Bella Collins

The urge to see the world must run in my blood: my mum left home when she was 16 years old to travel the globe as a scuba diving teacher (she returned home 16 years later!). Growing up in England, we spent every other Christmas getting under the skin of remote countries from Thailand to Tanzania, Morocco, India and Guatemala, with summers spent exploring Europe.

Boris Quillard

Growing up next to a ski resort in the French Alps, sports and travel have been a passion since young and that is what got me traveling around Europe and stepping foot into hospitality. Now I can’t wait to share with you my love for travel, adventure and food. It would be my pleasure to take you on a vacation to discover the amazing off-the-beaten-path destinations, scenic hiking trails, intimate

Brian Wewege

Brian joined Scott Dunn in August 2015 having relocated, with his wife and 2 children, from sunny South Africa. He has spent the last 13 years with &Beyond, the leading luxury safari lodge and tour operator in Southern and East Africa, as well as South Asia, and was appointed IT Director in September 2010.

Bronwen May

My first experince of skiing was at the tender age of four, and unfortunately I can't say that I took to it like a duck to water. A few years later it finally clicked, and my love for skiing grew. I have since been lucky enough to ski in some of the best resorts that Europe has to offer! Val d'Isère is my firm favorite having completed two amazing seasons there!

Bryan Li

Getting off the beaten track is what I desire most when traveling. Seeking out the most unique corners of the world, experiencing different cultures and landscapes.

Bryony Butler

I’ve always had a love for North America. Since I was a child, many happy vacations were spent alligator spotting in the everglades, chasing Mini Mouse for her autograph at Disney World and enjoying hot apple cider after a day’s skiing in the mountains of Massachusetts.

Camilla Greenwood

My love for travel started very early on, I remember being a young child and defiantly telling my parents that as soon as I got the chance I was moving away somewhere exotic. My love of experiencing new places and the cultures that came with them only grew with age and prompted me to study Spanish and Portuguese at University.

Camilla Swift

Other than several family vacations in various European countries whilst growing up, my first real opportunity to discover the soul of another culture was in my gap year at 18, when I spent six months teaching in a primary school in rural Mexico and living with the friendliest of Mexican families in a small village.

Camilla Whitworth

I was born in the Philippines with parents who had a real passion for travel and a thirst for adventure. As a child I was taken trekking in the Himalayas on shaggy ponies, climbed volcanoes in New Zealand and sailed around the world. This enthusiasm to explore was installed in me, and from a young age I have always thought about the next place to visit.

Cammie Burke

I was first introduced to the world of travel at a young age by my grandparents. My grandmother made me keep a travel journal and every night I would write down everything I did that day. At the time it was a chore but now I look back and love reliving those memories. My passion for travel has only grown since then and I’ve been fortunate to travel and live in some amazing European destinations.

Charlotte Smith

My passion for travel began when I was taken to many different destinations as a child. This wanderlust has only increased with age and I now love visiting new places and am constantly asking myself "What is next on the list?"

Charlotte Boadle

For as long as I can remember, travel has been a great passion of mine - every time I go away, I come back with an even bigger list of destinations I want to go to next! Having been able to spend many vacations abroad with both family and friends, my love for travel developed further when I spent six months traveling around South America and South East Asia.

Charlotte Carter

When it comes to my all-time favorite vacation, it’s the mountains every time. Whether that’s skiing in the winter or hiking and biking in the summer. I always try to make time for the mountains at least a couple of times a year. I love to be active on my vacations, I’m a keen skier, sailor and I like to play tennis, swim, hike and bike too.

Charlie Loughlin

Since doing a community project in Ecuador at the age of 17, I have been fascinated by the different cultures in our world. Since then I have traveled 6 continents exploring the diverse sights, sounds and tastes that are on offer. The continents that have held my interest is Asia & Australasia, with their diverse landscapes, delicacies and people, there is always something new to discover.

Charlotte Winter

Since living in the USA in my early childhood, I've always had a passion for travel and exploring the new. After finishing university, I packed my bags and went on a five month trip to South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand and had the most incredible time. Since working at Scott Dunn, I've had the opportunity to explore Indonesia, India and Australasia.

ChenKang Hsu

Growing up in a nomadic household, traveling is a rite of passage for me. Born in Taiwan and raised in Singapore, I completed my tertiary education in the United States, where I caught the vacation-planning bug.

Chloe Henderson

Chloe began traveling with her family at an early age and is always keen to visit new places and experience new cultures and cuisines.

Chris Mok

Travel is more than seeing of sights, it is a lifetime memory that goes on forever. My favorite travel experiences are Iran and Central Asia (including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan). They are filled with spectacular mountain landscape, architecture, Islamic culture and most importantly they are one of the friendliest people.

Cindy Wong

With my ten years of experience in travel, I still feel thrilled every time I think about the next adventure. And after every place I have visited, I would come back home feeling changed; redefined.

Claire Acker

Traveling the world is in my DNA. When I was younger, I would wander off from my family to follow the sound of exotic music or foreign language in the street.

Claire Medlock

I've always had a passion for languages and different cultures - and growing up I always wanted to emulate my Mum’s exotic sounding travels. Time spent working in France and Italy left me convinced I had to incorporate travel into my career, whether it be through visiting bustling cities or venturing off the beaten track.

Claire Horner

My love of travel and exploring new places came from traveling to America to visit family from a very young age and also my Dad who traveled throughout the world with the Navy. As a child I spent every summer in the Mediterranean, so being a Mediterranean Specialist and sending families to picturesque resorts with sandy beaches and excellent food is just perfect.

Clare Leigh

I'll ski and snowboard in rain, hail and sub-zero temperatures, however, my belief that I was a lizard in a previous life has recently lead me to the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean!

As a watersports enthusiast and keen sailor, I've been lucky enough to work and play in the Greek Islands, British Virgin Islands and many of the other Caribbean Islands.

Connie Kee

Being able to travel is one of life's privileges. From a young age I knew I wanted to travel to as many destinations as I could to witness spectacular scenery and experience unique cultures.

Connie Ngai

“Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times” is the motto that motivates me to spend much of the time on the road.

Daniela Bolivar

Being from Venezuela and working as a Travel Co-ordinator with the Latin America team makes me feel closer to home. It’s great to be able to talk to guests about how amazing this region of the world is and the myriad of sceneries, cultures and activities it offers.

Danielle Diaz-Myers

I’ve always had a fascination with beautiful places - the ones that just take your breath away. My first taste of the world was my 21st birthday trip. I remember sitting on the steps of the Palais de Chaillot, croissant in hand, watching the Eiffel Tower illuminate for the first light show of the night.

Diming Wu

At university, my passion for traveling inspired me to take up tourism and hospitality management as a specialisation. Having spent a wonderful time in Paris as an exchange student which broadened my horizon I knew that a travel related career was the one for me.

Dominic Atterton

Somewhere on a deserted Mexican beach I worked out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Since returning from my travels in Central and South America in 2004 I have never looked back and have been working hard to expand my knowledge of the best destinations and experiences that the world has to offer.

Elizabeth Coffey

Irish by birth, I first came to Asia on a three month backpacking trip in 2008. Eleven years later and I’m still here! It’s fair to say that I have completely fallen in love with the region and its fascinating mix of cultures, stunning scenery, bustling megacities and tantalising culinary experiences.

Ellen Fraser

When I was growing up in sunny Southern California, people were always very content with their surroundings, but since traveling to visit family when I was very young, I haven't been able to shake the wanderlust! My theory in life is that you will never know what city is the greatest in the world…until you see every city in the world! But the place I've fallen in love with most is Southeast Asia!

Emilie Mounier

After a 6 month backpacking trip over South America and South East Asia in my twenties, and later relocating to Asia for work purposes, I understood that I could feel at home just about anywhere on the planet!

Emma Mark

My first trip to India over 10 years ago really instilled in me a deep passion for the sub-continent which keeps on drawing me back again and again. It’s my love of India and globetrotting in general that led me into the travel industry in 2009.

Emma Spence

With a background in finance and recruitment, Emma’s focus as VP Operations is very much on the engine room at Scott Dunn USA. Having been Finance Director and board member at Aardvark Safaris for nearly 20 years, Emma, along with husband John, joined the Scott Dunn management team in April 2016.

Evelyn Soong

‘To travel is to live’ – this verse motivates me a lot. Travel inspires us to enjoy life and to live it to the fullest. Our life becomes richer, more beautiful and I am always looking forward to it.

Faye Compton

I have always loved traveling, I was lucky enough to go on many family vacations to wonderful destinations from a very young age and the travel bug really embedded itself back then. Europe is such an amazing continent and great for all ages. I absolutely love Italy, with its stunning lakes and amazing history but a firm favorite of mine is Greece, it's hard to beat those crystal clear waters!

Gemma Dobson

I‘ve worked in the travel industry since 1995 and specialized in selling the Caribbean and Indian Ocean for many of those years. I love the Caribbean islands, the people, the culture and the laid back atmosphere.

Georgina Carlisle

Whoever said "There’s no place like home", in my view, could not be more wrong. I am very fortunate to have traveled to many countries as a result of my mother's wanderlust. Whether it be campervanning around New Zealand, soaking up the vibrant Cuban culture, drinking tea in the Sri Lankan Tea Plantations or carving up the pistes in Europe, I most certainly have the travel bug!

Grace Holton

After traveling the world post university, I planned on doing ‘just one’ ski season to get the wanderlust out of my system… this didn’t quite go to plan as my love for the mountains turned into a career and I ended up doing 8 seasons overseas in Austria, Italy and Greece. My favorite place to visit come sunshine or snow has to be Italy, mainly because of the food and the stunning scenery.

Greg Salmon

My childhood was modest when it came to travel. The annual summer vacation usually consisted of taking a campervan down to Newquay or driving to a vacation park in France, which was interspersed with annual rugby tours to Europe at Easter. Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel to many far-flung destinations, seeking out new places and experiences on every trip.

Gwen Nicol

The youngest of three, I've always had the desire to fully experience life and be on-the-go. After graduating from college, my wanderlust led me to a summer of backpacking through thirteen countries across Europe.

Haile Brant

I was presented with the opportunity of a lifetime my junior year in university to study abroad for a semester in Vienna, Austria. Living in Austria is truly when I was bit by the travel bug.

Hannah Dawson

Some of my most cherished memories of growing up are of far flung family vacations. I will never forget my first vacation to Thailand as a child; the amazing culture, food and locals. From then on any opportunity I had, I would travel, whether that was exploring Europe in my university summers or working in America. I love that feeling of going to a new place, undiscovered lands and new experiences.

Hannah Fullagar

As a child I was lucky enough to be taken on regular vacations, which is where my passion for travel and true appreciation for the beach began. Everyday life back home just doesn’t compare to the excitement of exploring new places, meeting new people and making unforgettable memories.

Hannah Ingle

I have always been captivated by the rich art, history and monumental architecture which encapsulates the diverse culture that saturates Europe. My sense of adventure is relentless. Whether it be chasing the Northern Lights in Finland while driving a team of huskies, exploring the unique architectural palaces adorning India and Istanbul, or galloping through the Atlas Mountains on horseback.

Hannah Scott

My passion for the Mediterranean started at a young age when I was lucky enough to go on some great trips to different locations. My love for water skiing and wakeboarding pushed me to do a summer in Greece as an instructor which allowed me to fall in love with exploring lots of hidden gems.

Hannah Zhao

Exploring new places has always been a passion. I started my travels in my home country China, then gradually expanded the road map during my university years when I was studying abroad in the United Kingdom, that’s when I got a chance to really explore Europe in depth.

Harriet Whitmarsh

My first love has always been wildlife so of course Africa was going to push all my buttons. I was lucky enough to find myself running tours in East Africa for 5 years as a primate specialist. In my free time, I of course took every opportunity to explore other parts of Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa and recently returned from a 4x4 road trip through Southern Africa.

Helen McKenzie

I’ve always loved traveling and other cultures, languages and landscapes which prompted a 6 month round-the-world trip when I was 18, a second trip round South America a couple of years later and a degree in French and English.

Hugo Snell

I was born in Australia and ever since then my love of travel has taken me all around the world. I have experienced back-packing in South America, heli-skiing in Whistler, VW Camper road trips around Europe, city breaks in Paris, Dubrovnik and Rome and many other amazing places. My passion for both skiing and golf keeps me busy regardless of the season!

Irene Ng

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, surrounded by high-risers, my first safari in South Africa’s Kruger National Park was an eye-opening experience for me. Despite the long drive and multiple flights to connect to this remote corner of the world, the space of the open savannah and the closer encounter with wildlife make it worthwhile.

Isabella Yeung

It was my vacations with my mum growing up that drove my passion for travel. Even through I grew up in Asia it is still one of my favorite continents to visit. The landscapes are vast and unique, whilst the people are some of the friendliest I have ever met.

Jack Mace

Travel has always been a huge part of my life. From a young age, whenever I was whisked away by my family, I was always fascinated at how each country offers you a completely new experience – the sights, the smell, the food, and most importantly the people. It wasn’t until my gap year when I spent five months traveling with friends, that I properly fell in love with Asia.

James Bescoby

Having grown up in Southern Africa I have a deep rooted love for the continent. It was not until I left, having lived there for fifteen years, that I realised how much I would miss my first home.

James Leet-Cook

Although I have been lucky enough to visit many places around the world, it is never enough. Every time I go on a trip I come back with a few more destinations on my list. I’m not the type of person who just relaxes by the pool all day - so I tend to plan my trips around activities. My favorite of which are surfing, sailing and hiking.

James Robertson

Several seasons spent teaching sailing in warm sunny places cemented my love for living and experiencing different countries and people, so when the time came to come back to the UK, a career in travel was the only sensible option for me. My specialty is hunting down the very best beaches, hotels and experiences in some of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Jenny James

I have always been passionate about travel, especially winter destinations. I learned to ski at the age of 5 and its been an annual vacation ever since, having spent a winter season in Val d’Isere and ski instructing in Italy. Nowadays I am always researching new hotels and am a self-confessed foodie.

Jessica Campbell

For me it has never just been about simply traveling to a country, I really want to get to know the place - get under its skin. As a result I have now lived and worked in five different countries (the 5th being England which I cannot help but come back to each time). My most recent and most brilliant venture took me to India, more specifically Mumbai, where I lived and traveled in 2013.

Jess Yap

I began my career in the travel industry more than 15 years ago and have never looked back. I started my earlier years in the travel industry embarking on hiking trips in the Himalayas and camping out in the Africa wilderness. These are some of my most cherished moments which I still hold dear after so many years.

Jessica Hayes

My interest or more appropriately obsession with travel started as soon as I was old enough to hold an Atlas, from the beaches of Bondi, to the Winelands of South Africa to the tree tops of the Amazon I have been fortunate to have traveled many countries and cover every continent.

John Spence

Once a white water rafting guide on the world renowned rapids of the Zambezi River, my first encounter with Africa was as a mixologist in a Cape Town cocktail bar. It was the beginning of a life-long love affair with the continent—a passion that has grown across countless journeys on horseback, by canoe, light aircraft, on foot, and behind the wheel of a car.

John Taker

John joined Scott Dunn in April 2019 having worked in the Travel and Tourism industry for the past 30 years in a variety of Operational, Product and Purchasing roles including, Purchasing Director at Virgin Vacations, Vice President Sourcing at Kuoni / GTA and most recently as Purchasing Director at Emirates / dnata based in Dubai.

Jules Maury

A child of ex-pat parents, I have lived all over the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland and in more recent years France, Australia, Vietnam and South Africa. Having sailed up the coast of Australia and across the South Pacific, driven through Europe, explored Africa, wandered through Asia, I love the excitement of new experiences and different cultures.

Julie Geyton

Traveling is in my blood and from an early age I traveled through Europe, USA and Asia. A visit to Cairo for my 18th birthday present kick started my love of the Middle East and ultimately led me to moving to live and work there. My passion still is in the Middle East but I have traveled all over Asia for both vacations and work.

Juliet Morris

Coming from a family of airline pilots, I was lucky enough to start traveling at a young age. It was in 1998 that my independent travel began exploring parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. I spent a few years working abroad as a Divemaster and Dive Instructor, and also working for a UK-based dive tour operator.

Karen Chapman

I’d always dreamed of visiting Latin America and seeing the famous sites such as Machu Picchu and Iguassu, after seeing them on the covers of the National Geographic magazines. I finally made it out there in my third year of university when I spent a year in Ecuador, studying, working and traveling around the country and through all of Central America.

Kate Newman

Originally from New Zealand, I have always been passionate about travel growing up exploring the Southern Hemisphere and of course my own backyard which I have to say is one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

Katherine Gotla

I LOVE vacations. I love planning them, saving for them, looking forward to them and going on them! The planning stage is the best - pouring over websites, TripAdvisor and hotel Instagram pages. Or asking friends and collegaues for advice and recommendations. I am more of a little-and-often kind of traveler with lots of trips planned at a time and always plenty to look forward to.

Kelly Connor

I was born with my feet itching, a restless soul diagnosed with a serious case of the travel bug. Having explored Europe with my family, from Christmas markets in Manchester to summer villas in the south of France, I'd always dreamed of going to Africa. When I did, I realised that the old adage holds true, that Africa gets under your skin, into your soul and just like that you’re addicted.

Kirsty Cowie

My favorite part of traveling is the initial moment when you arrive somewhere new. Exploring the unfamiliar sights, smells, and faces is the adrenaline rush I’ve been chasing since I was young. Throughout my travels I’ve found that nowhere offers a more diverse portfolio of adventure than Asia.

Kok Yong Lim

Latin America and Middle East are two places where I will visit again and again, for the captivating scenery and rich local culture. It gives me joy planning a vacation to such destinations where it’s still very much unexplored, topping with a little mystery and a little adventure.

Liyana Yusoff

Born and raised in Singapore, I was blessed with an ideal base to travel around the world which I am very passionate about. For me traveling is a way to learn and experience life through different cultures while pushing myself to step outside my comfort zone.

Louen Tang

The pursuit of good hiking and delicious cuisine has taken me to many different places in the world. When I plan a vacation, I am always on the look out for accommodation with a unique character, dishes created with fresh, local ingredients and most importantly, a schedule that allows you to appreciate the beauty of a destination.

Louisa Ross-Taylor

I fell under the spell of Africa at a young age when I heard stories of my mother’s childhood living in Kenya and their adventures on safari. After a gap year teaching in Jamaica and then traveling round New Zealand and Australia, I studied Anthropology at University, which increased my fascination with foreign cultures.

Louise Canton

My first encounter with Asia began with a three month trip exploring the islands and beaches of Thailand. This sparked my fascination with the beauty of Asia and a curiosity about its wonderful cultures. I’ve since spent time exploring the islands of Indonesia, visiting the ancient temples of Cambodia, and venturing from the south to the north of Vietnam on a motorbike.

Lucie Polwin

I first visited North America on a family road trip around New England taking in Boston, Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Since then I have enjoyed returning and exploring much more of the USA and Canada covering, California, Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Western Canada, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Virginia and most recently, Colorado.

Lucy Dennis

The Mediterranean is perfect for a summer vacation; it combines warm climates, abundant culture, historical landmarks and the most exquisite beaches. I have spent so many family vacations in the Med, it offers everything you need just a stone's throw away! Croatia is a real favorite for me – indulge in delicious fresh fish, swim in cool blue waters and soak up the culture in Dubrovnik’s old town!

Lyndsey Parker

My love of adventure began in high school when I visited Europe to play volleyball. From that point, I’ve seized every chance to explore that’s come my way. I've been lucky enough to travel extensively through most of Southern and Eastern Africa, being immersed in culture, wildlife and landscapes of Africa.

Maddie Lukes

As a child of a military family, my childhood was spent in Cyprus, with school trips to Egypt, 4x4 driving through the mountains to Crusader castles, and exploring Roman ruins by torchlight. When I graduated from university, my love of adventure led me to spend two years exploring Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, Australia, the Philippines and more.

Marianne Baring

Having been born and grown up in Chile, Latin America is in my blood. I love going back all the time and thrive off the laid back attitude, which makes a hectic London life seem so far removed. I love working with Latin America and discovering new destinations and places all the time.

Maudie Tomlinson

As soon as I had the opportunity to travel, I did. In school vacations I worked for a watersports company on the Greek Islands, before University I jumped on a plane to travel Asia by bus but my travel highlight was my two year ‘sabatical’ from my previous PR job through the Latin American continent.

Meg Shepro

I was lucky enough to be introduced to world travel at a very young age and fell in love with Africa when my parents went to Kenya in 2009, bringing back incredible pictures of the Big Five and even better stories about their encounters. In 2013, I got to experience the magic myself as I trekked for gorillas in Uganda and witnessed the famous wildebeest migration across the Mara River in Kenya.

Michele Segalla

Since traveling to Guatemala and India early in my university career, I haven't been able to shake the travel bug. My next journey was a semester abroad where Seville, Spain was my home base and each weekend I traveled to different cities in Europe, as well as Morocco.

Michelle Smith

I first caught the travel bug when I did my first season for a water sports company in Turkey. I loved the lifestyle and soon discovered that I could work year round, spending winters in the snow and summers in the Mediterranean. After 5 seasons I decided to venture further afield and started saving for my next trip.

Mike Harlow

My own travel experience has moved on from my days back packing through India, South East Asia, Australasia and the USA. However travel in whatever mode, if taken with adventure in mind is always a fulfilling and enriching experience!

Milly Walker

I have always been a keen traveler and was lucky enough to go to some pretty impressive places while I was growing up, including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal as well as France, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Switzerland. Each place I visit inspires me to see more, especially the off the beaten track areas.

Ming Wong

There is nothing I love more than sharing the little stories from my travels with others. It's so enjoyable sharing tips and learning what others have got to on their adventures around the world. I always like to share these top tips with my guests to ensure they have the very best vacation.

Nicky Hazeldine

My love of travel started on my first backpacking adventure around Asia, Australia and New Zealand in my early 20s. I have worked in the travel industry for four years in the UK and Sydney, specializing in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Nicola Hatfield

Planning adventures, researching hidden gems and putting together lists are things I genuinely enjoy – so working as a Travel Consultant was a must! I grew up in Madrid, spent a year in Barcelona and have since traveled to Asia, Indonesia and Australasia, but the travel bug is still very much there! Discovering new cultures, cuisines and lifestyles is something I seek to continue exploring.

Oliver Evans

Olly joined Scott Dunn as a resort accountant in Courchevel 1850 in 2001 and never left. After many seasons as a Resort Manager then Operations Manager in France, he moved back to the UK in 2009 and has been involved almost every part of our business since then. He is still an avid skier but also loves surfing and windsurfing.

Olivia Caveney

I first realised my passion for travel at a young age being lucky enough to visit various countries vacationing in Sardinia, Italy, the Greek Islands, France, Spain, the US and Africa. This led on to stint of inter-railing around Europe visiting 15 different countries in my late teens.

Pat Choi

I strongly believe that traveling and seeing the world is the best way to collect lifelong memories of amazing experiences.

Pippa Carey

Having been fortunate enough to travel a lot as a child, my absolute love of exploring new countries, cultures, sights and sounds led me to leaving my job in London and setting off on a round the world adventure. I was so lucky to see some incredible places, however I truly believe you can't beat Europe; we are so lucky to have such a diverse and beautiful continent, right on our doorstep!

Rachael Mendizabal

Growing up in Australia, the rest of the world always seemed so far away. When I was young, I used to look at my grandmother’s atlas and read about foreign places in her old encyclopedias. As soon as I was old enough, I set out to discover as much as I could.

Rachel McGuire

Growing up in Colorado, the urge to explore the outdoors was engrained into me at a young age. It started with just exploring my backyard and the surrounding Rocky Mountains, but as I grew older so did my ability to travel further and further.

Ria Santamaria

As a former banker married to a finance executive, I know full well that every vacation time is incredibly precious. I learned to plan my vacations to maximize every experience, create bonding moments with our two sons wherein we could discover the world and its myriad cultures together. I grew up in Manila, raised my family in Singapore and spent a three-year post in London.

Rikki Poynton

Ever since my first school trip to Russia when I was 13, I had always had a drive to travel more and explore new and exciting places. Backpacking all over Europe during university drove this passion even deeper and led to my decision to emigrate to Russia to teach and travel after graduation.

Robin Wooldridge

Robin joined Scott Dunn in January 2019 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). His previous role was CFO of Allocate Software, a leading provider of healthcare workforce deployment software, that was backed by Hg and acquired by Vista Equity Partners. Prior to this, he was CFO of OB10, the global electronic invoicing network, which was acquired by Tungsten Corporation.

Sara Haney

My passion for travel started early with a wall-sized map in my childhood home. Being the daughter of a pilot, travel has always been a huge part of my life. I am lucky to be ingrained with the belief that travel is the best teacher you’ll ever have.

Sarah Clegg

My love of Africa stems from two experiences, my first safari in the Serengeti, when we arrived in Arusha and spent five days camping in the national park listening to the sounds of lions at night and wondering whether we would be better sleeping in the car! Then we borrowed a battered old land cruiser and based ourselves with family in Botswana and explored!

Sarah Lowe

I first became hooked on Latin America after a stint living and working in Bolivia – an incredible experience! I’ve been lucky to have explored Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Galapagos, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Peru, Cuba, Guatemala, Belize and Panama since.

Sarah Matthews

I’m going to be honest, I usually prefer to see the world without compromising on my creature comforts! My travel experience varies from 5 star hotels in far-flung places to little hostels in the backstreets of Andalucia where I spent my sandwich year studying at University in Granada. Now with two small children in tow I have learned the hard way about what works when traveling with kids.

Sarah Rowan

It wasn’t until I was 18 and worked four jobs to fund a round the world back-packing trip to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji that my passion for travel emerged. Looking closer to home, my love of Europe was instilled from a younger age, having vacationed in Greece and traveled through Italy as a child. More recently I got married in Italy and spend every opportunity exploring it further.

Sarah Worby

I have lived in Shanghai, worked ski seasons in France, swam with wild dolphins in Sri Lanka, trained horses in Western Australia, climbed to the top of Machu Picchu, taught English in Tanzania, eaten far too much pizza in Italy and have backpacked around Thailand more times than I would like to admit. For me, travel is about new adventures, exciting experiences and getting off that beaten track.

Scarlett Richard

I have always had a desire to travel and so as soon as university was over with, I was off to explore the world. Inspired by all things Latin, I left for South America, where I was lucky enough to spend 7 months exploring its vibrant cities, epic landscapes and heart-felt people. From then on, I was hooked and continued my travels to Asia and Australia.

Sebastian Perez

There are endless possibilities in the world of travel and I endeavour to explore as many of these in my lifetime as I can. Growing up half Spanish has given me a love of languages, family time and food. I have worked abroad for 7 years and I try to immerse myself with the local culture and traditions when visiting countries.

Serena Moore

I have always wanted to explore as many places as possible and love to travel off the beaten track. Growing up I was lucky enough to travel through Europe, spending time in Prague, Budapest, Italy, Greece and France to name a few.

Sheena Seah

I have always aspired to travel more extensively to exotic destinations. My idea of a perfect vacation would be one where I get to interact with the locals, immerse myself in their culture and indulge in local cuisine. One day I hope to dive with whale sharks and visit Africa to assist in charitable work.

Shyh Jie Chong

I live to travel, and aim to visit as many countries as I can across the world, so far i'm up to 50 which I think is pretty good but there are many more to go!

Sian Frost

Very active family vacations when I was young really drove my interest in travel. I loved exploring the new places we visited, trying as much of the local food as I could and meeting people from different cultures. I really fell in love with Africa when I backpacked around South Africa with friends.

Sierra Obermark

At the age of three, armed with coloring books, goldfish, and my Winnie the Pooh backpack I boarded a plane to Denmark with my parents and my life of travel began. Although I don’t remember much about that first trip other than walking a turtle on a leash, finding a hedgehog, and going to Legoland, it sparked my lifelong love affair with the world.

Simon Russell

Simon joined Scott Dunn in 2010 having spent the previous 2 years working in Africa and South America as a Director for leading luxury safari lodge operator &Beyond. He originally qualified as an Accountant and is now our International Director and is responsible for our offices in the USA, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Sonia Davies

Sonia joined Scott Dunn in January 2018 having worked in a number of different industries, including Chief Commercial Officer at NetJets and as European Change Director at Sysco. These roles along with 8 years in strategy consulting have given Sonia significant experience leading and working with global teams. She was named one of the ‘Women to Watch in Hospitality, Travel and Leisure Index 2019'.

Tahir Taib

Driven by my passion to travel the world and meet people from new and exciting cultures I decided to take a leap of faith and became a tour guide. I've been lucky enough to some incredible corners of the world but my favorite has to be Mecca. There's nowhere else quite like it!

Tara Hanna

My mantra is never stop moving. From salsa dancing in Cuba to the learning the Saga in Mauritius – I never skip a beat. I’m drawn by new cultures – their art, music and food are what excites me and keeps my suitcase by the door.

Teck Heok Koh

When I was a student, an exchange program brought me to 7 ASEAN countries and Japan and that was what made me fall in love with travel.

Theng Hwee Chang

Theng Hwee became the CEO Scott Dunn Asia in 2018. He started a travel business (Country Vacations) in 1994 after a short stint with a bank. Equipped with a business degree and a strong passion for travel, this leap of faith turned out to be the best decision of his life; the homegrown travel agency provided an answer to those who yearn for bespoke vacations in far-flung places.

Thi Ta

Realising that Vietnam was too small to contain my passion for travel, I moved to work at Angkor Wat, Cambodia for 3 years before embarking on a new chapter working as a Travel Consultant. Since then, the stamps and visas in my passport has increased many folds.

Tracy Stevens

You know that moment when you feel perfectly at home in another country, enchanted by the mix of the strange and the familiar? I live for that moment. After nearly a decade planning African safaris, I’m delighted to return to Europe, my former home and first love.

Vicky Yim

It was when I lived in the UK for a short period during my secondary school years that I fell in love with the region’s rich culture and history. With the warm sun and perfect weather, summer is my favorite time to travel in Europe. I particularly enjoy conversations with the locals, trying new experiences, and looking for great local wines…

Victoria Douglas

I love the vibe of the Caribbean, the friendliness of its people and of course, its famed reggae and rum! With great family accommodation options, the Caribbean is an unbeatable destination for kids and as a mother of two children, aged 8 and 4, it is perfect for an adventure with little ones.

Victoria Langmead

My passion for Africa was ignited on an overland trip from Arusha in Tanzania to Victoria Falls in Zambia. Since then I've added Botswana, Kenya, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia to the list. A PADI-certified Rescue Scuba Diver, I most recently dived in the exotic waters off of southern and northern Mozambique. One of my greatest achievements was to summit Kilimanjaro.

Victoria Reynolds

After graduating with a Geography degree, I decided to embark on a trip to Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I fell in love with the different cultures, foods and people that I met along the way. I decided to settle and live in Bali for three months, a surfer's and foodie's paradise, and it is here that I concluded that I wanted to dedicate myself to a career in travel, a huge passion of mine.

Winnie Sum

I chanced upon the "7 Wonders of the World" when I was in my late teens. Mesmerized by the magnificent ancient monuments featured in the book, I decided to venture out on my own journey of discovery.

Xinying Lin

I love everything about travel, from the excitement in the planning stage to the anticipation and thrill when you finally reach your chosen destination. Europe is my dream destination as it has so much to offer including incredible food.

Yong Kang Tan

I've always been drawn to the more 'off the beaten track' destinations, in particular Africa. It's a destination unlike any other which keeps me coming back for more. Without a doubt one of the most incredible sights I have witnessed was the migration herds of the Serengeti.

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