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We're not just a room of telesales people. Each of our specialists lives and breathes travel, and has plenty of knowledge to share. Here you can put a picture to the voice, and learn a little more about them too.

Everyone at Scott Dunn has one thing in common: a love of travel, exploring the world, discovering new places. Each expert has first-hand experience of their specialist area, and likes nothing more than sharing their insights with whoever happens to call.

We're not just a website search engine. We're real people, in real offices - and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest. When you talk to us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the world of travel. Why spend hours researching unknown places, flight routes and transfers when our specialists can share this wisdom with you effortlessly, and tailor something amazing for you that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind?

Here you can learn a bit more about the people on the end of the phone; who they are, where they’ve been, their favourite properties and places, and their travel nuggets. You can look up someone you’ve spoken to before, or browse to find which travel specialist to talk to about a specific destination.

You can also find out a bit about the team behind the scenes; a highly experienced group of directors and managers, some of whom have been with Scott Dunn since its advent, and some who've brought their expertise from elsewhere in the travel industry to make Scott Dunn the luxury tour operator that it is today.

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Andres Arriaga

For me, the wilderness is a place that has always brought peace. Whether it’s seeking out local wildlife or climbing up desert towers, it’s where I feel most at home.

Ashley Hall

My appreciation and curiosity for other cultures started from my upbringing in a small town in Oregon. Inspired by the variety of culture and people in my town, I left for my first solo trip to Cameroon at 18 years old. I fell in love with exploring the world after that. That trip inspired me to study International Relations (with a minor in European studies) at the University of Oregon.

Clare Witton

A childhood spent trotting the globe has given me an enduring love of travel and a true awareness of other cultures. My father’s work took our family to live in a wonderfully diverse range of far-reaching places including Dubai, Malawi, Houston, New York, Ethiopia and Singapore.

Daisy Stanton

I have always believed that it is important to explore, embrace and learn. Whether it is a new city, beach, culture or cuisine, traveling is a gateway to exciting new experiences and that is why I love it.

Daisy Stanton

I have always believed that it is important to explore, embrace and learn. Whether it is a new city, beach, culture or cuisine, traveling is a gateway to exciting new experiences and that is why I love it.

Danielle Trapani

I was born in the great state of Minnesota, source of the Mississippi River, birthplace of Prince, Bob Dylan, the Coen Brothers and water skiing. Yes, it’s cold there, but only in the winter. Like many Americans, my early travel experiences were mostly contained to a relatively small region. Our summer holidays usually involved a rustic cabin on one of Minnesota’s ‘10,000’ lakes.

Elizabeth Bloxham

Travelling has always been close to my heart. At the age of 17 I flew to the jungles of Borneo with an orangutang conservation project, where I truly fell in love with exploring and experiencing the world.

Georgie Blumer

I was very lucky to grow up in East Africa to parents both in the Safari Industry which meant being out on Safari, camping and exploring from a young age and seeing things others could only dream of. For me, my passion for travel came from dreaming about the faraway dreamy destinations in Europe like Italy and France.

Livia Angelini

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and due to my mother’s job as a travel writer, our family was always on the road exploring exceptional hidden treasures throughout the country. From skiing across the breath taking Dolomites, staying in the famous?trulli?in Puglia or sailing all the way to the Costa Smeralda, we travelled extensively all year round.

Miranda Bird

My love of travel began at a young age with multiple family trips to Europe and beyond. At the age of 19 I was lucky enough to spend 6 months travelling around Southeast Asia, Australia and volunteering in Peru, experiencing a wide range of fascinating cultures and meeting some wonderful people along the way. I had well and truly caught the bug.

Morgan O'Connell

I live for adventure and that has always been a deciding factor for where I live and what I do. Whether it was spending the day climbing over mountain passes, floating on the snow on a powder day or paddling down river in a nature preserve, I make sure I always end my adventures with family, friends, good food and libations.

Pippa Howell

My passion for travel was ignited from a young age, having been born in Singapore before spending my formative years growing up in South Africa. From summers exploring the charms of Southern Europe to winters spent on the slopes of Switzerland and adventures across Sub-Saharan Africa, I draw on my wide-ranging travel knowledge to craft incredible journeys for my clients, creating lifelong memories

Renata Da Silva

I am passionate about travel and the endless opportunities it brings to bridge history, cultures and cuisine. I was born in Brazil and my passion for travel began when I studied Travel Administration and learned different languages at a young age. Although I’ve lived mostly in the US, I have had the opportunity to explore over 28 countries, a significant amount being in Latin America.

Shamim Mir

To say ‘travel is in my blood’ would be an understatement. I cannot imagine life without being able to travel and see and experience what this amazing world has to offer. A bit of an all round traveller having visited countries in North America, Asia and Many countries in Europe and now specialising and focusing more on European Destinations.

Anton Walker

An avid lover of all things wild, I grew up in Zimbabwe and as a family we explored every national park the country has to offer. This further ignited my passion for Africa, its people and the wildlife. Much of my time has been spent working as a guide in South Africa, taking guests through the more remote regions of the Greater Kruger and avoiding the crowds.

Bjorn Behlert

I was born in Malaysia where my parents used every opportunity to travel Asia as much as possible. As a child I was taken on canoes through the jungle, on trains or elephants through India and many other countries in the region. After returning to Germany, we still spent every school holiday abroad, often traveling to remote areas, which cemented my ever-growing hunger to explore.

Cherylle Sargent

I started travelling when I was 18 years old, from that very first moment of getting on a plane and landing in my first country I knew travel would be a huge part of my life. I have a massive passion for Asia and have enjoyed the most amazing experiences over the years.

Ellis Valentine

My desire to see the world began from a young age and my wanderlust has taken me to many places since, though none has struck me quite like India. My love of the Subcontinent began when I travelled overland from Chennai to Delhi back in 2011, where I had the opportunity to see some extraordinary places, meet some incredible people and of course eat delicious and surprisingly varied food.

Georgia Hinkley

My love for this continent began when I volunteered on a secondary school renovation project in Namibia, then exploring a small part of this vast country and it’s astonishing landscapes. Craving more of this continent, I spent 3 months in Madagascar volunteering on a tropical habitat conservation project, living on a beach in a tiny village called Ambalahonko in Nosy Be.

Hannah Mackie

My love of Asia began after a month touring China and Thailand with my family. Since then I have been back to Asia several times, visiting Sri Lanka, Laos and Malaysia to name a few. I love wildlife and some of my favourite experiences include seeing orangutans in Borneo, elephants in Sri Lanka and even the bat caves in Cambodia!

Jo Hudson

With Africa it was love at first sight. My passion always has been the natural world (and David Attenborough), I was very lucky as my parents lived in Cape Town for a long time and took my family to Africa many times. Combined with itchy feet, this all lead me to becoming a wildlife researcher, and I worked for years across Africa. It just gets under your skin, and the magic is very hard to shake!

Konrad Mludzinski

I caught the travel bug at a very young age when I was lucky enough to follow my parents on business trips to far-flung and exotic places around the globe. My decision to study geography at university confirmed my desire to learn more about the world as did the two six-month stints spent backpacking across Latin America either side.

Matthew Gammon

I first fell in love with Africa travelling overland through the Great Rift Valley and heading back to Tanzania to lead a university expedition. After this taste of adventure, I made the move to Southern Africa to set up and run a small tourism social enterprise.

Simon Hunt

My first taste of Latin America came when I was 19 years old on a 3 month trip, during which I spent time in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina. Since that incredible adventure, I have leapt at every opportunity to return to this spectacular continent and have been lucky to revisit these countries in greater depth, as well as adding Chile, Colombia and the Galapagos to my list.

Adam Ang

I can't think of anything better than packing a rucksack and venturing off to somewhere new and unknown. I love sharing my travel experiences with fellow travellers, sharing top tips and highlights for our next trips. My most memorable trip was with my Mum in Europe which I designed myself. Lasting 38 days, it was a mini 'Grand Tour' which had my Mum smiling for days!

Alexa Steele

I fell in love with travel whilst studying in Spain, experiencing the culture, language and food first hand just drew me in, and I quickly developed a desire to see new places. I feel most at home when outdoors; whether it is wandering around a new city, relaxing on a beach or heading off on a full day hike.

Alice Adler

My passion for travel began when I lived in Hong Kong. Since then I have continued to travel visiting islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. Explored the Middle East including Oman and the UAE, hopped around Europe, visited Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and nearly made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Ana Albiol

Having been born into the travel industry with my father working for a major European airline, I have been lucky enough to grow up with the world at my feet. Over the years, I've travelled to most continents with the exception of South America and Australasia and I hope that these are areas I can tick off my list in the next few years with my son in tow, a joy for travel clearly runs in our genes.

Anna Bleasdale

I joined Scott Dunn in 2007 and have been on a fabulous journey since then, specialising first on the heavenly beaches of the world, Caribbean, Seychelles , Mauritius and the divine South Pacific. Over the last few years I have been more focussed in one of our newer specialist areas, North America, and have been constantly inspired by the diversity, scenery and wildlife of both Canada and the USA.

Camilla Whitworth

I was born in the Philippines with parents who had a real passion for travel and a thirst for adventure. As a child I was taken trekking in the Himalayas on shaggy ponies, climbed volcanoes in New Zealand and sailed around the world. This enthusiasm to explore was installed in me, and from a young age I have always thought about the next place to visit.

Charlotte Carter

When it comes to my all-time favourite holiday, it’s the mountains every time. Whether that’s skiing in

the winter or hiking and biking in the summer. I always try to make time for the mountains at least a

couple of times a year. I love to be active on my holidays, I’m a keen skier, sailor and I like to play

tennis, swim, hike and bike too.

Claire Medlock

I've always had a passion for languages and different cultures - growing up I wanted to emulate my Mum’s exotic sounding travels. Time spent living in France and Italy left me convinced I had to incorporate travel into my career, whether it be through visiting bustling cities or venturing off the beaten track.

Claire Horner

My love of travel and exploring new places came from travelling to America to visit family from a very young age and also my Dad who travelled throughout the world with the Navy. As a child I spent every summer in the Mediterranean, so being a Mediterranean Specialist and sending families to picturesque resorts with sandy beaches and excellent food is just perfect.

Clare Leigh

I'll ski and snowboard in rain, hail and sub-zero temperatures, however, my belief that I was a lizard in a previous life has recently lead me to the warm, turquoise waters of the Caribbean and Indian Ocean!

As a watersports enthusiast and keen sailor, I've been lucky enough to work and play in the Greek Islands, British Virgin Islands and many of the other Caribbean Islands.

Dhiren Shah

My passion for Europe, particularly the Mediterranean which is a gem started 20 years ago when I started selling luxury European holidays. Through out those years I have specialised in family holidays and understanding the specific needs and requirements to make each holiday comfortable and memorable.

Eli Hardcastle

Travel has always been in my blood and ever since I was much younger I have enjoyed taking trips to far flung destinations, which actually began with family adventures to Asia. My love for Latin America was sparked by a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos when I was 18, and it has grown from then on!

Ellen Fraser

When I was growing up in sunny Southern California, people were always very content with their surroundings, but since travelling to visit family when I was very young, I haven't been able to shake the desire to continue exploring the globe! My theory in life is that you will never know what city is the greatest in the world…until you see every city in the world!

Gemma Dobson

I‘ve worked in the travel industry since 1995 and specialised in selling the Caribbean and Indian Ocean for many of those years. I love the Caribbean islands, the people, the culture and the laid back atmosphere.

Grace Holton

After travelling the world post university, I planned on doing ‘just one’ ski season to get the wanderlust out of my system… this didn’t quite go to plan as my love for the mountains turned into a career and I ended up doing 8 seasons overseas in Austria, Italy and Greece. My favourite place to visit come sunshine or snow has to be Italy, mainly because of the food and the stunning scenery.

Grant Greenham

Since first travelling to Latin America over 15 years ago, I quickly became addicted to the vibrant and ancient cultures, friendly people and diverse landscapes the continent has to offer. Fast forward to the present, I have been fortunate to take extensive trips to almost every country from Mexico to Argentina, as well as live in Chile.

Gwen Nicol

The youngest of three, I've always had the desire to fully experience life and be on-the-go. After graduating from college, my wanderlust led me to a summer of backpacking through thirteen countries across Europe.

Hannah Ingle

I have always been captivated by the rich art, history and monumental architecture which encapsulates the diverse culture that saturates Europe. My sense of adventure is relentless. Whether it be chasing the Northern Lights in Finland while driving a team of huskies, exploring the unique architectural palaces adorning India and Istanbul, or galloping through the Atlas Mountains on horseback.

Hannah Scott

My passion for the Mediterranean started at a young age when I was lucky enough to go on some great trips to different locations. My love for water skiing and wakeboarding pushed me to do a summer in Greece as an instructor which allowed me to fall in love with exploring lots of hidden gems.

Hugo Snell

I was born in Australia and ever since then my love of travel has taken me all around the world. I have experienced back-packing in South America, heli-skiing in Whistler, VW Camper road trips around Europe, city breaks in Paris, Dubrovnik and Rome and many other amazing places. My passion for both skiing and golf keeps me busy regardless of the season!

Jack Mace

Travel has always been a huge part of my life. From a young age, whenever I was whisked away by my family, I was always fascinated at how each country offers you a completely new experience – the sights, the smell, the food, and most importantly the people. It wasn’t until my gap year when I spent five months travelling with friends, that I properly fell in love with Asia.

Jenny James

I have always been passionate about travel, especially winter destinations. I learnt to ski at the age of 5 and its been an annual holiday ever since, having spent a winter season in Val d’Isere and ski instructing in Italy. Nowadays I am always researching new hotels and am a self-confessed foodie.

Jules Maury

A child of ex-pat parents, I have lived all over the world from Hong Kong to Switzerland and in more recent years France, Australia, Vietnam and South Africa. Having sailed up the coast of Australia and across the South Pacific, driven through Europe, explored Africa, wandered through Asia, I love the excitement of new experiences and different cultures.

Julie Geyton

Travelling is in my blood and from an early age I travelled through Europe, USA and Asia. A visit to Cairo for my 18th birthday present kick started my love of the Middle East and ultimately led me to moving to live and work there. My passion still is in the Middle East but I have travelled all over Asia for both holidays and work and love India, Nepal and Bhutan and further afield Japan!

Juliet Morris

Coming from a family of airline pilots, I was lucky enough to start travelling at a young age. It was in 1998 that my independent travel began exploring parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America. I spent a few years working abroad as a Divemaster and Dive Instructor, and also working for a UK-based dive tour operator.

Kirsty Harper

My passion to travel has grown from being lucky enough to travel from a young age with my parents sharing their passion to explore different countries, from visiting the Great Wall of China in the snow, watching the sunrise over Machu Picchu and exploring the islands of the Caribbean I knew that working in the travel industry was for me!

Louise Canton

My first encounter with Asia began with a three month trip exploring the islands and beaches of Thailand. This sparked my fascination with the beauty of Asia and a curiosity about its wonderful cultures.

Lucie Polwin

North America is my favourite part of the world! I have been lucky enough to explore many parts of the USA covering, California, Texas, Arizona, Las Vegas, Utah, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Virginia, New England and Colorado. I also love Canada and have spent time in British Columbia, Alberta, Montreal, Ottawa and most recently the Canadian Arctic.

Lucy Dennis

The Mediterranean is perfect for a summer holiday; it combines warm climates, abundant culture, historical landmarks and the most exquisite beaches. I have spent so many family holidays in the Med, it offers everything you need just a stone's throw away! Croatia is a real favourite for me, indulge in delicious fresh fish, swim in cool blue waters and soak up the culture in Dubrovnik’s old town!

Meg Shepro

I was lucky enough to be introduced to world travel at a very young age and fell in love with Africa when my parents went to Kenya in 2009, bringing back incredible pictures of the Big Five and even better stories about their encounters. In 2013, I got to experience the magic myself as I trekked for gorillas in Uganda and witnessed the famous wildebeest migration across the Mara River in Kenya.

Milly Walker

Travel has always been a key passion of mine and I am constantly planning my next adventure! I have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic areas and countries all over the world, however I have a strong love of Europe. I often think it is easy to forget about the incredible destinations we have close to home and what a variety these offer and the plus of no jet lag too!

Rachael Mendizabal

Growing up in Australia, the rest of the world always seemed so far away. When I was young, I used to look at my grandmother’s atlas and read about foreign places in her old encyclopedias. As soon as I was old enough, I set out to discover as much as I could.

Rachel McGuire

Growing up in Colorado, the urge to explore the outdoors was engrained into me at a young age. It started with just exploring my backyard and the surrounding Rocky Mountains, but as I grew older so did my ability to travel further and further.

Rikki Poynton

Travel has always been a large part of my life, a passion ignited from my first visit to Russia as a child and my subsequent relocation to Moscow in 2010. After spending five years exploring this amazing, vast country and immersing myself fully in the culture and learning the language, I began my professional travel career at Scott Dunn in 2015.

Sheena Seah

I have always aspired to travel more extensively to exotic destinations. My idea of a perfect holiday would be one where I get to interact with the locals, immerse myself in their culture and indulge in local cuisine. One day I hope to dive with whale sharks and visit Africa to assist in charitable work.

Sian Frost

Very active family holidays when I was young really drove my interest in travel. I loved exploring the new places we visited, trying as much of the local food as I could and meeting people from different cultures. Now I try and see as much of the world as I can whether thats getting close to Lion on safari, red snapper fishing in New Zealand and trying my hand at surfing in Sri Lanka.

Tristan Williams

Growing up in a beautiful but very isolated area of Devon, much of my childhood was spent dreaming of distant corners of the globe. At the age of 18, I deferred my entry to University and embarked on a life changing adventure through Southern Africa, which was followed swiftly by further trips through Europe, Asia and Central America.

Victoria Langmead

My passion for Africa was ignited on an overland trip from Arusha in Tanzania to Victoria Falls in Zambia. Since then I've added Botswana, Kenya, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Namibia to the list. A PADI-certified Rescue Scuba Diver, I most recently dived in the exotic waters off of southern and northern Mozambique. One of my greatest achievements was to summit Kilimanjaro.

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