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We're not just a room of telesales people. Each of our specialists lives and breathes travel, and has plenty of knowledge to share. Here you can put a picture to the voice, and learn a little more about them too.

Everyone at Scott Dunn has one thing in common: a love of travel, exploring the world, discovering new places. Each expert has first-hand experience of their specialist area, and likes nothing more than sharing their insights with whoever happens to call.

We're not just a website search engine. We're real people, in real offices - and it’s our people and their travel expertise that set us apart from the rest. When you talk to us, you’re tapping into a wealth of knowledge; the eyes and ears of the world of travel. Why spend hours researching unknown places, flight routes and transfers when our specialists can share this wisdom with you effortlessly, and tailor something amazing for you that ticks every box and gives you complete peace of mind?

Here you can learn a bit more about the people on the end of the phone; who they are, where they’ve been, their favourite properties and places, and their travel nuggets. You can look up someone you’ve spoken to before, or browse to find which travel specialist to talk to about a specific destination.

You can also find out a bit about the team behind the scenes; a highly experienced group of directors and managers, some of whom have been with Scott Dunn since its advent, and some who've brought their expertise from elsewhere in the travel industry to make Scott Dunn the luxury tour operator that it is today.

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Meet your dedicated travel planners

Find out a little bit more about the team that have you at the forefront of their thoughts at all times and meticulously plan your holidays to ensure you never miss out. Headed up by Jules Maury with Dominic Atterton and Amber Hopkins as your dedicated Travel Planners and supported by Stephanie Davidson, the team has a wealth of knowledge and more years of travel experience between us than we’d like to admit (it’s 86)! Click on a team member to delve into their individual experiences and favourite places to travel.

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Anton Walker

An avid lover of all things wild, I grew up in Zimbabwe and as a family we explored every national park the country has to offer. This further ignited my passion for Africa, its people and the wildlife. Much of my time has been spent working as a guide in South Africa, taking guests through the more remote regions of the Greater Kruger and avoiding the crowds.

Bjorn Behlert

I was born in Malaysia where my parents used every opportunity to travel Asia as much as possible. As a child I was taken on canoes through the jungle, on trains or elephants through India and many other countries in the region. After returning to Germany, we still spent every school holiday abroad, often traveling to remote areas, which cemented my ever-growing hunger to explore.

Cherylle Sargent

I started travelling when I was 18 years old, from that very first moment of getting on a plane and landing in my first country I knew travel would be a huge part of my life. I have a massive passion for Asia and have enjoyed the most amazing experiences over the years.

Ellis Valentine

My desire to see the world began from a young age and my wanderlust has taken me to many places since, though none has struck me quite like India. My love of the Subcontinent began when I travelled overland from Chennai to Delhi back in 2011, where I had the opportunity to see some extraordinary places, meet some incredible people and of course eat delicious and surprisingly varied food.

Georgia Hinkley

My love for this continent began when I volunteered on a secondary school renovation project in Namibia, then exploring a small part of this vast country and it’s astonishing landscapes. Craving more of this continent, I spent 3 months in Madagascar volunteering on a tropical habitat conservation project, living on a beach in a tiny village called Ambalahonko in Nosy Be.

Hannah Mackie

My love of Asia began after a month touring China and Thailand with my family. Since then I have been back to Asia several times, visiting Sri Lanka, Laos and Malaysia to name a few. I love wildlife and some of my favourite experiences include seeing orangutans in Borneo, elephants in Sri Lanka and even the bat caves in Cambodia!

Jo Hudson

With Africa it was love at first sight. My passion always has been the natural world (and David Attenborough), I was very lucky as my parents lived in Cape Town for a long time and took my family to Africa many times. Combined with itchy feet, this all lead me to becoming a wildlife researcher, and I worked for years across Africa. It just gets under your skin, and the magic is very hard to shake!

Konrad Mludzinski

I caught the travel bug at a very young age when I was lucky enough to follow my parents on business trips to far-flung and exotic places around the globe. My decision to study geography at university confirmed my desire to learn more about the world as did the two six-month stints spent backpacking across Latin America either side.

Adam Ang

I can't think of anything better than packing a rucksack and venturing off to somewhere new and unknown. I love sharing my travel experiences with fellow travellers, sharing top tips and highlights for our next trips. My most memorable trip was with my Mum in Europe which I designed myself. Lasting 38 days, it was a mini 'Grand Tour' which had my Mum smiling for days!

Amy Ropner

Living, breathing and seeing exciting places is an endless pursuit and so working in travel was the only job for me. Each place in the world inevitably has its own appeal yet my passion is focused on India Arabia & Asia; whether it's the authentic food, fascinating people or verdant and dramatic landscapes it really continues to capture my attention.

Dhiren Shah

My passion for Europe, particularly the Mediterranean which is a gem started 20 years ago when I started selling luxury European holidays. Through out those years I have specialised in family holidays and understanding the specific needs and requirements to make each holiday comfortable and memorable.

Diming Wu

At university, my passion for travelling inspired me to take up tourism and hospitality management as a specialisation. Having spent a wonderful time in Paris as an exchange student which broadened my horizon I knew that a travel related career was the one for me.

Ria Santamaria

As a former banker married to a finance executive, I know full well that every holiday time is incredibly precious. I learned to plan my holidays to maximize every experience, create bonding moments with our two sons wherein we could discover the world and its myriad cultures together. I grew up in Manila, raised my family in Singapore and spent a three-year post in London.

Sheena Seah

I have always aspired to travel more extensively to exotic destinations. My idea of a perfect holiday would be one where I get to interact with the locals, immerse myself in their culture and indulge in local cuisine. One day I hope to dive with whale sharks and visit Africa to assist in charitable work.

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