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Scott Dunn Private is centred on a deep understanding of the value of private travel and what that means to you. This is so much more than just another club. This is the Private Bank of Travel where we invest and build a relationship with you so that the real value of your experience with us is the unmatched wealth of memories you gain.

Anticipatory service, emotional execution, a love of logisitics and a revelling in the minutae is what makes us unique.

  • Unparalled access: We make the seemingly impossible a reality. Our global network of connections and life-long experiences provide the ultimate in access to the right people in the right places. This means you get access to our black book, a highly revered ‘who’s who’ in the world of private travel featuring our limitless collection of places to stay and transformational experiences around the globe that most can only dream of taking. 
  • Unrivalled knowledge and relationships: Our team of Personal Travel Advisors are THE authority on the dynamics of private luxury travel. Immersing themselves deep in the latest insights and innovations, they continuously strive to be one step ahead when it comes to exploring and experiencing the extraordinary, completely redefining what a holiday can be. 
  • Unstinting personal service: We build an understanding of the world you live in to understand the true value of travel to you.  We know that no guest is the same, so no two trips are ever the same. We take the time to focus on you and what makes you tick, anticipating your next move and customising travel experience that are truly tailored for you. 

Scott Dunn Private is for those who yearn for something more than just luxury travel.

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Scott Dunn Private

This is merely a taster of what we offer. Call us on 3165 4050 to discover more of our luxury product.

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