What's Hot for 2024

Be inspired by our pick of what's hot for 2024 in luxury travel. These are the latest trending travel destinations based on our market research and inside knowledge.

This year

2024 is the year of meaningful moments. Journeys will be defined by authentic, nostalgic and intimate travel experiences shared with loved ones. In a post-pandemic world, the feeling that life is too short means once-in-a-lifetime trips are no longer put on hold - ‘someday’ has become today. A myriad of new flight routes, exciting hotel openings and natural phenomena are firmly placing these trending destinations on the “must-see” map. As always, our team of travel experts are on hand to craft an unforgettable journey for you.


Embrace la dolce vita on bespoke a trip to Italy in 2024. Our Travel Specialists will personalise every detail of your trip, in line with your preferences and hobbies. They know the best ways to experience the treasure trove of must-see destinations and will use their insider insight to uncover Italy’s hidden gems for you. Pick a city and pair it with a stay in the stunning countryside or visit the glittering coast for the ultimate Italian experience. With unique traditions, picturesque landscapes and culinary delights, there is always something new to discover, no matter how many times you visit Italy, making it a must-visit destination for new and return travellers.


The call of Iceland's raw, otherworldly landscapes feels stronger than ever in 2024, with the Northern Lights promising an awe-inspiring display, as activity picks up before peaking in 2025. It’s perfect for city dwellers seeking unique and dramatic landscapes and our specialists are on hand to guide you to the best vantage points and the best time to visit for a chance to see the aurora. Beyond the famous celestial display, geysers, glaciers, and serene fjords await. Weave your interests into a tailor-made itinerary, with insightful accommodation and activity recommendations from our travel experts.


Thanks to the country’s rolling plains, impressive national parks and abundance of wildlife, Tanzania tops travel wish lists for people across the world. These aspects come together to create unmissable safari experiences. One of the most popular reasons to visit Tanzania is to witness the thundering herds of the Great Migration, with many lodges already being fully booked for this epic annual event. Our team advises looking ahead to 2025 if you haven’t secured a spot for 2024. Beyond the Great Migration, there are some exciting new additions to Tanzania’s luxury lodge scene in 2024 including Singita’s newest lodge, Milele, opening in May 2024.


Peru truly epitomises the spirit of adventure in Latin America. From the historic Inca Trail and the gastronomic delights in Lima, to the epic jungles of the Peruvian Amazon and the soaring peaks of the Andes, it is the ultimate destination for adventurous travellers seeking experiential travel. In 2024, our travellers will be grabbing their chance to visit Peru and experience the mix of rich history, culture, wildlife viewing opportunities and epic scenery. Enjoy a stay in Peru’s newest luxury camp, Puqio in the Colca Canyon, let our experts reveal the secrets of exploring Machu Picchu, discover the unusual floating islands of Lake Titicaca and much more in 2024.


Croatia continues to enchant travellers. This European gem offers unrivalled access to the Adriatic Sea and boasts hundreds of islands simply waiting to be experienced and enjoyed. One of the most popular ways to explore Croatia in 2024 is by private yacht. With a private charter, you’ll travel in style and luxury, and choose exactly where you’d like to go and how long for. Discover the best of the Dalmatian Coast, visit historic fishing towns, venture to hidden coves and beaches that are not accessible by land, and get a real taste of the country’s unique cultures and traditions.


The idea of cruising is another trend capturing the heart of travellers in 2024. In Indonesia, this takes the form of private yacht trips to areas of astounding natural beauty where you will truly feel like you’re getting “off the grid”. If you’re looking for a short haul getaway, which delivers on spectacular scenery but whisks you away from the crowds, our specialists recommend discovering the remote Raja Ampat archipelago in Indonesia, one of the world’s best coral reefs. Once again, choosing to travel by private yacht gives our specialists the chance to make the trip 100% unique to your wishes.

Sri Lanka

Looking for a unique safari adventure that’s closer to home? Head to Sri Lanka in 2024. With luxury lodges, epic animal viewing activities and lush national parks. There is also no age-limit for children on game drives making Sri Lanka is a wonderful option for family getaways. Whether you’re a couple, family, friends or solo traveller, you can indulge in Sri Lanka’s diverse flavours and vibrant culture, creating unforgettable moments in this tropical haven just a short flight away.


As China has slowly re-opened to international travel, we have seen interest in the region steadily growing over recent months. 2024 is the year for unforgettable experiences and with its cultural wonders and beautiful landscapes, China is sure to deliver many moments of this kind! Whether you want to discover Beijing’s historical treasures, follow the allure of Sichuan’s spicy aromas in the west or witness the sheer impact of the famous Great Wall, China is firmly on the travel radar this year.

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