The Best Markets in the South of France

Dive into the vibrant heart of the South of France by exploring its farmers' markets, where fresh, seasonal produce meets a tapestry of local culture.

Best markets South France

Farmers' markets in France are vibrant representations of local culture, but those in the South stand out distinctly. Offering a taste of the Mediterranean's rich traditions and flavours, a visit to a southern farmers market in France promises fresh produce, artisanal treasures, and a lively ambience. For those seeking vintage finds, the flea market in France's southern regions is a treasure trove of unique discoveries. These markets are more than just trading spots; they encapsulate history and local charm, making them an essential experience for any traveller.

But which ones should you check out on your next French vacation? Here we share everything you need to know.


Farmers' markets in Nice are a vibrant testament to the region's rich agricultural heritage and its passionate local artisans. For those keen on immersing themselves in a truly Niçois experience, these are the best ones to visit.

Cours Saleya

Cours Saleya in Nice


Cours Saleya is a sought-after spot, but the Marché de la Libération is ideal for an authentic feel. Nestled near the Liberation tram stop, it stands as a beacon among the markets in Nice, France. The market's diversity is so immense that it's easy to encounter unfamiliar items. Those with a penchant for a flea market in Nice, France, will find the city brimming with unique options. If you're keen on immersing yourself in the culinary world, we can pair you with a local expert to navigate the tantalizing stalls.

We often recommend an early morning visit to truly absorb the region's flavour and steer clear of crowds. The "Docks de la Riviera" also offers a gastronomic adventure with vendors ranging from cheesemakers to delicatessens. The Halles Gourmandes de la Gare du Sud on Avenue Malaussena further exemplifies the culinary richness of Nice.


Antibes, with its Mediterranean allure, offers an authentic market in France experience. As you walk its historic streets, the sounds, sights, and scents of its marketplaces draw you in, promising an unforgettable journey.

Marché Provençal

If you get to this covered market in France early enough, you could well be rubbing shoulders with some of the region’s most famous chefs. Located in the Cours Massena in the heart of the old town, it’s an inspiring site, with stall upon stall loaded with fruit, vegetables, cheese, olives, hams, and sausages. The smells and colours are amazing, and you won’t leave empty-handed. From June to September, the market is held daily from 6 am to 1 pm, and at all other times of the year, it’s closed on Mondays. In the afternoons, the craft market takes its place, where you’ll find painters, ceramicists, sculptors, and wood turners (of varying degrees of ability!). Thursdays (Boulevard d’Aguillon) and Saturdays (Place Nationale in the old town) see an antiques market, for those who hope to find something more unusual to take home.

La Grande Braderie

Juan-les-Pins hosts this exceptional event, offering visitors a different market in France. Once a year, usually in October, the streets transform into a shopping paradise, with over 100 local stores bringing out their end-of-summer bargains. It's an occasion that shopaholics would want to attend, especially if they plan to visit the region during the fall.

Night Markets

Planning a trip to the south of France in the summer? Well, Antibes' summer evenings present yet another spectacle: the nocturnal markets in France. As the heat of the day fades, artisans, designers, and shopkeepers unveil their stalls along the Port-Vauban quays or the Juan-les-Pins' Promenade du Soleil. From exquisite jewellery to intricate arts and crafts and distinctive gift items, these evening markets offer a delightful, cooler way for visitors to gather memories of their sunlit vacation.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez, often associated with luxury, holds within its embrace some of the best markets in France. These markets capture the essence of the town, weaving together its maritime heritage with its contemporary opulence.

Place des Lices Market

The Place des Lices (jousting ground) in the centre of St. Tropez is where the twice-weekly market is held – every Tuesday and Saturday. The locals do their fruit and vegetable shopping here, although they get there early in the summer to avoid the crowds! This isn't one of the traditional outdoor markets in France amongst the majestic plane trees, but the quality is still exceptionally high. There's also an excellent antique market here, and while you won't find any bargains here, you can pick up smart luggage, fabrics, furniture, and all sorts of little trinkets and household items.

Ramatuelle, Place de l'Ormeau

A gem in the heart of St Tropez, the Ramatuelle's Place de l'Ormeau market offers the ideal destination for those seeking a quintessential outdoor market in France. Open on Sundays and Thursdays, with extended hours during the height of summer; it's the perfect spot for those looking to soak in the local ambience while sourcing products for a leisurely Sunday lunch. Its popularity among locals and visitors alike speaks volumes about the quality of products and the market's vibrancy. Whether searching for fresh produce or simply wanting to enjoy a Sunday morning stroll, Ramatuelle's market promises an authentic French experience.

Marché Nocturne

As summer embraces the region around Saint Tropez, the evenings come alive with the Marché Nocturne or night markets. These markets, held in various towns, are a vibrant blend of local produce, artisanal crafts, and many food and drink stalls. If you're visiting in July and August, make sure you don't miss the Ramatuelle Night Market, La Faviére Night Market in Bormes-les-Mimosas, and the La Croix-Valmer Night Market.


In the heart of the South, Provence is the crown jewel when speaking of farmers' markets in France. Its markets, resonating with lively chatter and brimming with regional specialities, are their experiences.

L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Market

Every Sunday, the tranquil setting of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, known as the "Venice of Provence," comes alive against its picturesque water wheels and canal backdrop. As one of the best markets in Provence, France, the L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue market stands out for its unique blend of fresh produce, artisanal crafts, and aromatic herbs, offering an enchanting experience. Notably, it's the largest outdoor market in the scenic Luberon area of Provence. Beyond being a food hub, visitors can delight in its flea and antique sections, making picking up anything from fresh olives to prized artworks possible. The town's reputation extends as France's second most significant antique centre, next only to Paris.

We suggest an early arrival (preferably by 9:00 AM) to sidestep parking woes and the influx of eager visitors. While exploring the major antique centre, Le Village des Antiquaires de la Gare, along with various antique shops and art galleries around town, can make for an immersive day or even two.

La Croix-Valmer, Place des Palmiers

Every Sunday morning, the picturesque Place des Palmiers in La Croix-Valmer transforms into a vibrant and colourful market. An explosion of hues and scents, this market is primarily known for its wide array of picnic essentials, making it the go-to place for those planning a beach day. We suggest picking fresh fruits, cheeses, bread, and other local delicacies, then heading straight to the nearby beaches for a day under the sun. For both residents and tourists, the La Croix-Valmer market offers a slice of the authentic French Riviera lifestyle, seamlessly blending gourmet shopping with the coastal charm of St Tropez. No wonder it’s one of the best markets in Provence, France.

Vence and St Paul De Vence

Vence and St Paul, situated a mere 2 miles apart, are renowned for their vibrant markets. If you aim to immerse yourself in the quintessential farmer's markets in France, these two stand out as the top picks.

Marché Provençal de Saint-Paul de Vence

This petite farmer's market in France springs to life every Wednesday and Friday morning from 9 am to 2 pm at the Place du jeu de Boules. Here, visitors are treated to the rich tastes and scents of the Mediterranean. A palette of fresh fruits, vegetables, aromatic herbs, and regional specialities such as cheeses, honey, jams, and the famous socca are available. Early birds get the best of it – the market bustles with activity and can get crowded as the day advances. Yvette, a local vendor, sets up her stall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays at the lavoir (wash house), offering fresh produce and blossoms from St. Paul de Vence.


Vence has been a market town for centuries, and the core of the food market is along the very narrow Rue du Marché inside the walls every Tuesday and Friday morning. Flowers, fish, honey, bakeries, and an endless variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices all add their colours and fragrances to the feeling of the markets. A foire (type of market) is held on the Place Clémenceau inside the old village and at the Place du Grand Jardin, selling flowers and second-hand books.

Visit Markets in the South of France

Wherever you’re staying in the South of France, you’ll not be far from a local market. And whether they’re daily or weekly, in Nice or Antibes or a small hilltop village, the markets in France are brimming with wonderfully fresh, seasonal produce and are the hub of local life. Contact Scott Dunn to help plan your perfect French getaway, as they have the expertise to guide you to the best markets and hidden gems that the region has to offer.

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