The People

Our global team are the embodiment of our commitment to delivering exceptional service, insight and a deep understanding of the world our guests live in. Our little black book has been built up over many years and brims with all the latest details of the people we know who can open the right doors and our network of aficionados spanning the worlds of nature, art, wine, photography, culture and sport.

The Founder

Scott Dunn

When I founded Scott Dunn back in 1986 in the downstairs bedroom at my parents’ house, my goal was to ski for free, so we initially focussed on ski holidays. I soon realised that there was potential to broaden our portfolio further afield into other destinations such as the Med and Africa but ensured that we kept true to our core value of nothing being too much trouble for our guests. Furthermore, we made sure that there was always someone available to assist and support our guests, wherever they were in the world, whom they could trust. Fast forward through the 90s, our tailormade business took off and in early 2000s, we soon identified that we were garnering some very loyal guests, who placed extreme value on developing and nurturing a relationship with just one person to take care of all your travel plans, someone with rounded global knowledge, who perfectly anticipated your every needs. And so, Scott Dunn Private was born.

The Personal Travel Advisor

The motives behind our guests’ travel desires are as diverse as the destinations they wish to explore, but we’re struck by how many people approach us hoping to find inspiration for that ‘unique’ experience.

For some that might be the newest ‘hot’ destination, hideaway or experience, for some it’s a request for inspiration of where to spend a few days on ‘marital maintenance’. For others its ensuring that the children are having fun and being kept busy so their parents can relax and unwind. Whatever your wish list comprises – our response is: you need Scott Dunn Private.

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The Private Guide

Luxury Holidays

When it comes to discovering a new destination, having a private guide can be the difference between an ordinary trip and something truly extraordinary. A fount of all knowledge, an expert in their field, a personality and an enthralling storyteller. Someone who is passionate, living and breathing everything in their field of specialism. Gloriously insightful, an individual that can add colour and depth to your trip taking it to another dimension.

The Flying Nanny

Luxury Holidays

We know that time together as a family is precious. But we also know that travelling with little ones can be exhausting. Sometimes, having an extra pair of hands to help can transform the experience giving you the relaxing break you need. As experts in delivering childcare to our guests for over 30 years, initially in the Alps and now at our Explorers Kids Clubs worldwide, we have a network of private childcare professionals available to accompany you on your travels. Someone who will fit in with your family, whom your children will adore, understanding everyone’s needs, ensuring you all get what you need from your precious family trip.

The General Manager

Luxury Holidays

What creates a true five-star hotel? A memorable experience, something you'll talk about on your return home. There needs to be small notable elements throughout, an appreciation of the details. And its service needs to be consistent - which is difficult to achieve. Finally, it needs to have a true sense of place - grounded in its identity. The General Manager is central to all these things, they decide the hotel's personality. Scott Dunn Private ensures we have personal relationships with the finest GMs in the world. Whether it's Amanda Hyndman at the Mandarin Oriental London, Renée Zimmerman at Finca Cortesin, Paul Linder at Amanzoe or Christian Westbeld at Raffles in Singapore. We personally let the GM know that one of our members will be arriving and work with their team to ensure all the details are meticulously delivered.

The Photographer

While memories inevitably fade with time, preserving those precious moments on film ensures a timeless account of your trip. Having a highly specialised photographer accompany you for part, or all your trip, ensures that those moments are preserved forever. Travel and photography go hand in hand and capturing those moments ensure that you can re-visit those special memories whenever you like. We have access to some of the best travel photographers across the globe who can help preserve those moments and improve your own skills if you wish.

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The Private Tutor

Luxury Holidays

Of course, travel is an education in itself. Experiencing a new destination with a Private Tutor in tow is an opportunity to combine an engaging type of learning and having a Private Tutor to focus on your children and really bring this to life yet keep on top of the revision means that your children will get the best of both worlds. Life-enriching experiences and education far beyond what can be achieved at the school desk. Whatever your reason for requesting a tutor, we can match your family with the right tutor to maximise the experience for your children.

The Partners

Partnerships are a meeting of minds and shared values that complement each brand. Doors are opened, introductions made, relationships built. These partnerships further enhance the experience for our guests who can enjoy the natural synergy between brands that are perfectly aligned, offering new, inspiring opportunities and experiences.

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