The Best Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in Greece

What better way to celebrate your wedding than with sun-kissed beaches, extraordinary food and stunning accommodation? For a simply unforgettable luxury honeymoon, look no further than Greece and its gorgeous array of islands. 

greece honeymoons

You couldn't dream of a more idyllic location than the Greek Islands for making wedding memories that last a lifetime. Offering mouth-watering food, magnificent sea views and luxurious accommodation, it's no wonder Greece is considered one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Why Plan a Luxury Honeymoon to Greece?

Each Greek Island has a unique charm and personality, so there's bound to be one that's ideal for you and your partner. We can help you get what you want from your honeymoon to Greece, whether you're looking to spend your evenings dancing 'til sunrise on the island of Mykonos, and your days relaxing on the sun-kissed beaches of Santorini or perhaps enjoying an unforgettable combination of the two.

Greece Travel Specialist Milly Darnell highlights why Greece is the perfect honeymoon choice:

“Iconic islands, the mix of relaxation and romantic vistas, and the epitome of luxurious hotels all combine to make Greece the ideal honeymoon location.”

Our travel specialists have curated this list of the top destinations in Greece for couples seeking to spend their honeymoon in unadulterated luxury. We've also included recommendations for things to see and do, ensuring every moment of your time together is one you'll cherish forever.

A map graphic showing the Greek Islands

When's the Best Time to Visit Greece for a Honeymoon?

We've got fantastic news for those unfamiliar with the Greek Islands: they're stunning. Boasting a comfortable Mediterranean climate, Greece and its many islands are blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Even winters remain mild, with temperatures averaging close to 20°C.

Greece is an idyllic location for a honeymoon in any season, but the best time to visit Greecedepends on the kind of experience you desire. We recommend a visit during the summer months if you want to enjoy alfresco dining and bask under a warm, setting sun. However, the milder autumn months allow for a romantic honeymoon exploring Greece's wealth of iconic, historic sites without the busy hum of tourists.

With beautiful weather, picturesque settings and unbeatable food and wine, the Greek Islands are world-class honeymoon destinations. Read on to hear our expert recommendations for each location and decide where is best to spend your honeymoon in Greece.

What are the top honeymoon destinations in Greece?

Our in-house travel specialists have curated this list of the best locations in Greece to help you find the perfect place for your honeymoon.

From effortlessly authentic Crete to picturesque Santorini, we've considered a range of destinations in Greece so you can be sure you've planned your perfect luxury honeymoon.


A view of the city with the Acropolis in the background

Best for: Lovers of ancient cities, cultural expeditions, and first-time visitors.

Do you want to spend your honeymoon exploring the time-lost cultures of ancient Greece and walking through streets steeped in history? Then head to the birthplace of Western civilization:  Athens.

Situated on the southern peninsula, the gorgeous capital city of Athens is home to a wealth of world-famous historical sites, gorgeous hotels and an outstanding range of culinary delights to experience on your honeymoon in Greece. Spend your days exploring sights such as the iconic hilltop Acropolis and Temple of Zeus or savouring the delectable local cuisine.

If you'd rather enjoy a more laid-back experience, visit in the autumn to avoid the busy summer crowds.


A cliffside and the surrounding sea

Best for: Couples wanting to take in the natural beauty and swap city escapes for beach getaways. 

The picturesque island paradise ofMilosis known for its whitewashed towns and windmills, sprawling volcanic beaches, and glistening emerald waters. It's situated in the south-west of the Cyclades, an archipelago of islands just south of the mainland.

Start your day by exploring the winding picture-perfect alleys of Plaka, the main town of Milos. You'll discover gorgeous views from the hilltop remains of its 13th-century Byzantine church. Then wind your way back down to the local restaurants and sample decadent Greek wines that the island is renowned for. And finally, spend your evenings relaxing on Milos' beautiful white-sand beaches with sparkling green waters lapping at your feet.

While the island is beautiful all year round, we recommend booking your honeymoon to Greece during September or October for a more romantic experience. You'll be able to truly enjoy the outstanding natural beauty without being among busy crowds. We particularly recommend the boutique hotel  Milos Breeze&for your stay. Renowned for its panoramic views, it's the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset.


A row of windmills over the hillside and sea

Best for: Those wanting to celebrate their new marriage late into the night in a lavish bar while listening to the ocean waves. 

If you enjoy nightlife then you're probably familiar with the island of Mykonos. It's a beacon for the party scene, renowned for unbeatable beach clubs, luxury bars and quality restaurants. Away from all that excitement, though, Mykonos is also home to gorgeous beaches, spectacular accommodation and a wealth of things to do.

It's this combination of the best Greece has to offer that makes Mykonos a top destination for your luxury honeymoon. Spend your days lounging on the island's sandy beaches, swimming in its crystal-clear waters and treating yourself to some of the island's best culinary delights. Then, at night, live it up while indulging in decadent food and sipping delicious cocktails.

The idyllic island of Mykonos has something for everyone. It's also home to some of the most scenic hotels and villas in the Greek Isles, adding an unforgettable touch of luxury to your trip. This is why it's one of the very best honeymoon destinations in Greece and a perfect place for you to create lasting memories.


Santorini’s cliffside overlooking the ocean

Best for: Making new memories ticking off that dream bucket list destination. 

Stunning, unique Santorini is perhaps the most popular of all the Greek Islands, and it's not hard to see why. With its sprawling beaches and crystal-clear waters, the island is unparalleled in its outstanding natural beauty. This alone is enough to ensure your time spent in Santorini is unforgettable, but it seals the deal by offering a wide variety of curated tours and experiences.  

Begin your morning with a freshly prepared breakfast at one of the island's most luxurious hotels or villas, like the undeniably gorgeous Grace Santorini. Want to spend your afternoons capturing memories of your luxury Greece honeymoon? We recommend a guided hike from Oia to Fira to uncover the island's history and experience incredible views. Spend your evenings on a private boat exploring the iconic caldera and drinking in the unbeatable sunset views with the one you love the most. 

Visiting in spring or autumn allows you to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this idyllic retreat without the bother of busy crowds.


A church on top of a hill

Best for: Going off the beaten track and swapping tamed shorelines for wild swimming and exquisite cuisine.

The gorgeous Greek island ofSifnos is a hidden gem of the western Cyclades, remaining fairly undiscovered compared to some of the more recognisable names above. Sifnos bursts with authenticity; it's lined with wild fig trees, dotted with historic churches and packed with some of the finest restaurants. This island offers you all the luxury you'd expect from a honeymoon in Greece, yet with a refined, intimate atmosphere.

Spend your days enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked to perfection by some of the finest chefs in the Mediterranean. In the afternoons, explore the wealth of wild swimming spots around the island's coast – perfect for spending quality time with your partner.  

After all of this, unwind in a luxury hotel or villa like the beachfront Elies Resorts. Tucked away in a sheltered bay, this 5-star hotel includes 10 villas with large private pools – ideal for a romantic honeymoon in Greece.

We recommend you visit Sifnos at the beginning of autumn, the season that marries perfect conditions with minimal crowds.


The beachfront of Naxos

Best for: Those preferring rustic and authentic experiences paired with local delights.

Home to the towering Mount Zeus, the island of Naxos offers everything you need to make your honeymoon in Greece memorable. With its unspoilt beaches, serene hilltop views, and warm Mediterranean waters, Naxos offers couples a rustic, refined experience that provides every ounce of the luxury you’d expect from a Scott Dunn holiday.

The island is home to a bustling culinary scene thanks to the quality of its locally grown produce. This makes Naxos an ideal location for couples looking to spend their special time together sampling some of the finest dishes in the Cyclades. In terms of accommodation, the island is home to refined boutique hotels, such as the stunningly beautiful 18 Grapes, boasting panoramic views of the Aegean Sea from its rooftop infinity pool. 

We recommend booking a luxury honeymoon on the island of Naxos at the beginning of autumn. The late sunsets at this time of year allow for long days of relaxation on this idyllic and serene Greek island.


The beach front and cliffside of Crete

Best for: Couples wanting a variety of options during their stay, from outdoor adventures to cultural delights.

The largest island in the Greek isles, Cretepresents a vast range of things to do, places to see and food to eat. It's a great location for couples looking to fill every moment of their luxury Greece honeymoon with memorable experiences. Its sheer size lets you enjoy the rustic, untamed beauty without the stress of busy crowds at any time of year.

Enjoy the hospitality of the Cretan people, savour the morning's catch on your plate and take in the gorgeous mountain landscape that's dotted with wonders such as a sprawling palm tree forest and the ancient ruins of Knossos. The island is home to a variety of incredible accommodation options, such as the stunningDaios Cove Mansion. With tremendous views, a private pool and access to the luxurious facilities of the 5-star hotel it sits above, it's one of the top destinations for a honeymoon in Greece.

Take road trips in the summer sun, sample some of the finest wines in the region, or try your hand at the island's huge variety of water sports – the possibilities in Crete are endless.


Paros’s seafront town

Best for: Adventurous couples looking for a honeymoon that best embraces their active lifestyle. 

Our final recommendation on this list is the gorgeous island of Paros, which is perfect if you want to enjoy a high-octane honeymoon experience. Thanks to its windswept location, the island is a magnet for water sports fans. And for those excited about exploring its natural wonders, Paros and its sister island Antiparos are prime locations for cave exploration.

While being an ideal location for thrilling activities, Paros is also perfect for relaxing on the beach with excellent food and fine wine. The island is ideal for couples hoping to get as much as they can from their luxury honeymoon in the islands of Greece. It's best to visit in late spring or early autumn.

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FAQs about luxury Greece honeymoons

  • What are the best honeymoon hotels and resorts in Greece?

    If you're wondering which resort provides the best honeymoon experiences Greece can offer, consider the unforgettably exquisite Hotel Grande Bretagne. This gem is in the heart of Athens' historic centre, combining unbeatable views of the Acropolis with world-class cuisine and service. A true celebration of Greek culture, this hotel is a great hub for exploring the city's iconic sites. On the other hand, it's far enough away from the centre to ensure serenity and comfort during your stay.

    The dream location of Santorini has some of the best 5-star honeymoon hotels and resorts in Greece, with our recommendation being the outstanding Grace Santorini. Perched high on the picturesque volcanic cliffs of the island, this luxurious boutique hotel offers unparalleled views of the caldera. Perfectly balancing local authenticity with luxury features, the Grace Santorini delivers all you could desire.

    And for those looking to spend their honeymoon dancing the night away on the party island of Mykonos, one of the very best resorts in the whole of Greece is the Mykonos Grand. A lovely beach retreat, the Grand allows you to enjoy the buzz and energy of the island's party scene and then return to serene accommodation for some well-earned R&R. Its range of private pools, delicious local food and outstanding service makes the Mykonos Grand one of the top destinations in Greece to spend your honeymoon.

    These are a small selection of the wide range of gorgeous hotels and resorts Greece has to offer. Our travel specialists are on hand to help you find the perfect luxury honeymoon resort for you and your partner.

  • Can you provide an all-inclusive Greece honeymoon?

    We can offer you an all-inclusive honeymoon in Greece that lets you enjoy your special time together to the fullest. With no reason to worry about costs, you get complete peace of mind as you indulge your every whim. Whether you want opulent accommodation, decadent cuisine or once-in-a-lifetime activities, you'll be able to enjoy it all with no surprise fees when it's time to check out.

  • How do I plan my luxury Greece honeymoon?

    With such an array of things to experience in Greece, it can be difficult to know whether you're booking the best holiday you can. That's why Scott Dunn's travel specialists have created some of the most refined and luxurious honeymoon tours in Greece, which we can tailor to the finest details.

    We highly recommend our luxurious Greece honeymoon tour if you're struggling to decide on a single destination. This 10-night adventure spanning Athens, Milos, Sifnos and Santorini will let you sample the finest food, wine and accommodation Greece has to offer.

The view of Crete Greece
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