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With its wealth of natural beauty, fine cuisine and unquestionable charm, the island of Milos is a must-visit destination on a luxury holiday to Greece.



Sitting in the very heart of the Aegean Sea, the understated island of Milos, Greece, is often described as ‘the island of colours’ for its turquoise waters, volcanic beaches and whitewashed coastal towns. And for those looking for recommendations on what to do in Milos, you’ll be far from disappointed. From decadent food tastings and exhilarating jeep tours to expeditions in ancient caves and unforgettable scuba dives, the exceptional array of things to do in Milos will make you wish you’d never booked a return ticket.

Things to Do in Milos, Greece

Water Sports

Renowned for its crystal-clear waters, picturesque beaches and vibrant atmosphere, it's evident why water sports are one of the best things to do in Milos. Whether you’re harnessing the islands’ winds on a high-octane windsurfing session, kayaking through shimmering waters while exploring Milos’ uniquely beautiful coastline, or plunging into an underwater dreamscape during unforgettable scuba diving classes, the island’s offering of water sports is second to none.

Yacht Hire

What better way to experience all the sights Milos has to offer than from the deck of your very own private yacht? Glide along the spectacular coastline of this Greek paradise at your leisure, breathing in the fresh sea air and basking in golden sunlight as you travel to Kleftiko - the most famous landmark of Milos. Once there, dive into the warm Aegean Sea and take part in a unique snorkel safari of the surrounding caves. Round off the experience by enjoying delicious local food on board before taking in the golden setting sun on your voyage back home.

Our Greece specialist and Travel Expert Milly Darnell says,

“Milos is known for its dramatic and unique landscapes, hidden beaches and caves, and crystal-clear waters. A boat trip to Kleftiko cannot be missed when visiting Milos. June and September are the best months to go to avoid the peak crowds but still have perfect weather.”

Cave Exploring

Due to the volcanic activity that formed the region, the island of Milos is home to several beautiful natural caves. Led by a trained guide or tour operator, exploring the caves of Milos can be an exhilarating and unforgettable experience. Many of the island's best caves, such as Sykia and Kleftiko, are only reachable via boat, so we recommend hiring one out to make the most of your cave exploration adventure.

Ancient Ruins

The history of Milos is clear to see with its wealth of ancient ruins and historical sites offering travellers a glimpse into the rich past of this Greek island. One of the very best things to do in Milos is to take time to explore the island's most iconic historical sites like the Ancient Theatre, the underground Catacombs of Milos, or the ancient cities of Kilma and Phylakopi. Many of the ruins are accessible by car or foot and are best visited with a local guide on a private tour.

Snorkelling Safaris

Thanks to its clear waters and diverse marine life, Milos has secured a reputation as a prime snorkelling location in the Greek Isles. Whether you’re taking in the incredible natural rock formations of Kleftiko, enjoying the tranquil waters of Gerakas or hope to delve into the underwater caves of Sarakiniko, the island of Milos has plenty of idyllic spots for you to explore - only made better with a snorkelling safari tour highlighting the best locations.

Food Tours

While you’ll never be short of delicious food to try during your time on this stunning Greek island, you’ll likely be seeking where best to eat in Milos. To truly appreciate the rich gastronomic history that Milos proudly boasts, we highly recommend taking part in a mouth-watering food tour, exploring some of the most celebrated restaurants, and sampling the finest wines the island has to offer. 

And for any budding chefs looking to fully immerse themselves in the tastes and history of Melian cuisine, we highly recommend booking a cooking class with a local chef.

Jeep Safari

Saving the best for last, to experience all that this gorgeous island has in store during holidays in Milos, you’ve got to get off the beaten track. Journeying across the island's network of dirt roads is our favourite way to explore Milos' most secluded and serene spots, which is why we recommend a private 4x4 Jeep safari tour. You’ll journey to some of the island's oldest and most well-preserved locations, like its ancient chapels and abandoned mines, while also enjoying the sheer unspoiled beauty of Milos’ Natural Preserve.

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Where to stay in Milos, Greece

If you’re searching for where to stay in Milos, you can rest assured that the idyllic island offers an exceptional range of accommodation options, whether you’re travelling Greece solo, as a couple or with the whole family. Hotels on the island of Milos are some of the best the Greek Isles have to offer.

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Milly Darnell

Europe Specialist

Travel has always been a key passion of mine and I am constantly planning my next adventure! I have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic areas and countries all over the world, however I have a strong love of Europe. I often think it is easy to forget about the incredible destinations we have close to home and what a variety these offer and the plus of no jet lag too!

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