Cultural and Historical Lhasa

Lhasa, China

Dive into the culture and history of Tibet today! Visit Potala Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore Barkhor Square, the bustling market of old Lhasa and visit Jokhang monastery, the most important religious activity centre for Tibetan Buddhism.

Start your exploration of Lhasa with a visit to Potala Palace which is known to be the highest ancient palace in the world with a spectacular architectural style. It was built 1300 years ago in the Tang Dynasty with its beautiful murals inside the palace telling the story of Tibet history and its culture. The palace is now listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, houses many articles and artefacts of ancient Tibet such as frescos, stupas and images of Buddha. Note: Visiting time is restricted to one hour inside the palace/museum.

If you are interested, join the devout locals to walk “Kora” the pilgrim route around the Potala Palace to immerge into the Tibetan religious culture while enjoying the surrounding sights! After lunch, explore Barkhor Square - the bustling market showcasing the old Lhasa with its narrow streets full of religious atmosphere and characteristic stores displaying Tibetan styled clothing, prayer wheels and thangkas. In the afternoon, when it is less crowded, visit the Jokhang monastery - the “central cathedral” and discover the most important religious activity centrr for Tibetan Buddhism. Lunch is provided.                           

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