Best Time to Visit China

In China the weather has four distinct seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and a cold winter. The hottest time in China comes in July and August, with more than 10 days at temperatures above 35 C. The coldest time is from the late January to early February with the more extreme temperatures being in the higher altitudes. The spring from March to May is recommended as the best time to travel to China. Summer which also sees heavy rainstorms late in the season is surprisingly the peak season.

Best time to visit

Climate guide for China

52°F 0mm
60°F 1mm
76°F 3mm
88°F 4mm
97°F 5mm
101°F 9mm
100°F 9mm
102°F 7mm
93°F 7mm
81°F 4mm
66°F 2mm
52°F 0mm
65°F 10mm
72°F 7mm
79°F 17mm
86°F 18mm
86°F 17mm
84°F 26mm
84°F 22mm
85°F 18mm
82°F 20mm
76°F 13mm
71°F 12mm
62°F 8mm
72°F 6mm
78°F 7mm
82°F 15mm
88°F 14mm
92°F 14mm
95°F 10mm
97°F 5mm
100°F 6mm
95°F 4mm
90°F 3mm
83°F 7mm
72°F 5mm
47°F 0mm
57°F 1mm
70°F 2mm
82°F 7mm
90°F 3mm
91°F 5mm
90°F 12mm
89°F 7mm
84°F 6mm
74°F 3mm
60°F 1mm
44°F 0mm
62°F 11mm
71°F 19mm
78°F 35mm
84°F 37mm
88°F 23mm
92°F 27mm
92°F 22mm
95°F 11mm
91°F 13mm
84°F 9mm
73°F 13mm
60°F 9mm
28°F 0mm
39°F 0mm
61°F 1mm
78°F 2mm
91°F 6mm
93°F 5mm
90°F 4mm
88°F 4mm
83°F 3mm
75°F 2mm
52°F 0mm
37°F 0mm
30°F 8mm
36°F 0mm
58°F 6mm
74°F 6mm
87°F 11mm
89°F 13mm
90°F 14mm
89°F 15mm
78°F 10mm
71°F 6mm
51°F 9mm
32°F 10mm
67°F 7mm
73°F 13mm
80°F 14mm
86°F 15mm
92°F 13mm
94°F 20mm
99°F 18mm
100°F 14mm
93°F 24mm
84°F 5mm
75°F 8mm
63°F 6mm
62°F 3mm
69°F 3mm
80°F 5mm
89°F 6mm
94°F 6mm
95°F 7mm
97°F 7mm
98°F 8mm
90°F 9mm
82°F 6mm
73°F 4mm
62°F 3mm
66°F 8mm
72°F 7mm
79°F 18mm
83°F 16mm
85°F 17mm
85°F 28mm
79°F 47mm
83°F 33mm
80°F 29mm
78°F 11mm
73°F 9mm
67°F 8mm
54°F 1mm
64°F 1mm
78°F 6mm
87°F 12mm
92°F 5mm
96°F 7mm
98°F 7mm
100°F 6mm
92°F 9mm
81°F 5mm
67°F 3mm
52°F 1mm
66°F 9mm
70°F 3mm
77°F 3mm
82°F 5mm
85°F 9mm
85°F 19mm
81°F 21mm
82°F 22mm
81°F 20mm
76°F 12mm
75°F 7mm
65°F 7mm
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