Best Time to Visit China

In China the weather has four distinct seasons - a pleasant warm spring, a hot rainy summer, a comfortable cool autumn and a cold winter. The hottest time in China comes in July and August, with more than 10 days at temperatures above 35 C. The coldest time is from the late January to early February with the more extreme temperatures being in the higher altitudes. The spring from March to May is recommended as the best time to travel to China. Summer which also sees heavy rainstorms late in the season is surprisingly the peak season.

Climate guide for China

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Guangxi & Around 64°F 0mm 64°F 0mm 67°F 0mm 74°F 0mm 77°F 0mm 83°F 0mm 86°F 0mm 86°F 0mm 81°F 0mm 76°F 0mm 71°F 0mm 65°F 0mm
Northeast China 58°F 36mm 63°F 80mm 72°F 9mm 80°F 8mm 88°F 6mm 87°F 131mm 81°F 500mm 82°F 340mm 79°F 201mm 74°F 5mm 69°F 0mm 58°F 24mm
Qinghai 64°F 3mm 69°F 54mm 71°F 119mm 78°F 138mm 79°F 272mm 85°F 220mm 86°F 217mm 85°F 358mm 84°F 183mm 81°F 58mm 74°F 3mm 67°F 8mm
Tibet 40°F 81mm 46°F 24mm 51°F 16mm 54°F 80mm 58°F 72mm 68°F 27mm 76°F 79mm 71°F 80mm 67°F 24mm 60°F 63mm 48°F 161mm 47°F 70mm
Xian & Around 31°F 7mm 37°F 8mm 52°F 1mm 62°F 55mm 68°F 21mm 76°F 111mm 80°F 55mm 79°F 81mm 68°F 163mm 57°F 76mm 46°F 10mm 35°F 0mm
Yunnan 69°F 0mm 69°F 0mm 73°F 1mm 77°F 0mm 80°F 0mm 85°F 2mm 89°F 26mm 88°F 59mm 86°F 19mm 83°F 26mm 79°F 14mm 72°F 0mm
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