Things to Do in China

With a country that is home to more than 55 ethnic minorities there is an extensive array of experiences, China’s history and culture is fascinating and vast so in each itinerary we would include cultural and historical experiences often with a local guide so they can bring the country alive.

The snow-capped mountains throughout the country provide some fantastic hiking options for those who want to don their boots and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the scenery around them. First on many peoples list is the Great Wall of China which is one of the manmade wonders of the world, the wall ribbons along the top of the mountains for over 21,196 km and though a popular site our guides will ensure that you explore remote parts of the wall. For those who are weary after a day walking on the bricks then we can organize a toboggan ride down again! The cuisine in China is as far reaching as the country so we would really suggest weaving in a culinary experience or two during your trip, whether it’s the lighter dishes you can enjoy in the east or the spicy Sichuan cuisine to the west, whereas the north is more salty and heavy compared to the south which is sweeter in its taste.

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