Our Top Winter Wonderlands

Winter is a magical time of year when the Alps are blanketed with snow, the Nortern Lights dance above the Nordic countries and Whistler comes to life. Below are our favorite picks for a wintry adventure.

Top 10 winter wonderlands


A magical and mysterious island, Iceland has vast, unspoiled landscapes dotted with geological wonders, from volcanoes to glaciers. It's the ultimate adventure playground and can be visited year-round, but we love it in the winter when the landscape is dusted with snow and the Aurora Borealis dance across the sky after dark.

The Alps

Our ski vacations are entirely customized and we can craft almost anything you like, including stays in more than one resort. We've scoured the Alps for the best hotels in a wide variety of resorts including Val d’Isère, where hotel guests can also benefit from Scott Dunn childcare and the back up of our in-resort teams.

Swedish Lapland

Lapland is a magical wonderland of snow and ice in Sweden's northernmost province and as it is north of the Arctic Circle, it's a prime location for a chance to spot the Aurora Borealis and enjoy unique experiences from snowmobile safaris to husky sledding.


Antarctica is breathtaking, wild and untamed, formed of an extraordinary wilderness of ice-sheets, glaciers and barren deserts and home to an array of penguin, whale and seal species. An expedition cruise to this remarkable destination is a truly epic experience but a particularly spectacular time to go is early December 2021, as Antarctica will experience a solar eclipse on the 4th.

Finnish Lapland

Winter in Finnish Lapland means plenty of opportunities for skiing, dogsledding and snowmobiling, but it’s also home to the Sámi people, one of the largest indigenous groups in Europe. And of course no trip to Lapland is complete without a visit to Santa Claus.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler is one of the best ski resorts in North America (and one of the most breath-taking) which is why we think its earnt a spot on this list. There's always something to do in this lively village, be it drinknig in the views at summit-top bars, indulging in one of the numerous restaurants or finding those hard to reach slopes with a spot of Heli-skiing.

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