In July, the Mediterranean is perhaps at its best, before parts become a little too hot for some in August. Couples can find romance in Italy’s cities, and the endless beaches across the Mediterranean.

If tropical desert islands are what you crave at this time of year, many parts of South East Asia are perfect in July, or, if you want natural spectacles, head to Africa.

These are just a few suggestions for July vacations. Below you can browse all the destinations we offer that are best seen around this time of year.

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Generally the best time to visit


There is so much to experience in Indonesia, with the many differing cultures, clear blue seas, rice paddies and lush rainforests. The people of Indonesia offer warm hospitality and the hotels here are some of the most luxurious in the Asia Pacific. Scuba diving is excellent in many regions, along with the joy of relaxing on deserted beaches or taking to the surf for some fun. Our highlights include a trip to Komodo Island to see the prehistoric Komodo dragon and a picturesque journey by bike through the countryside of Ubud, past rice paddies and temples.

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Great for a summer holiday


Dubrovnik, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, oozes history at every turn. The ancient city walls encircle the stunning Old Town, where the limestone streets are perfect for exploring. The main pedestrian street, Placa, has many cafés and shops with narrow cobbled streets branching off up the hillside, along with beautiful churches, museums and monasteries. All of this with the stunning blue Adriatic Sea beyond the city walls makes for a perfect summer family vacation.

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At its sunniest in July

California, USA

In California, the summer is in full swing; this is the time to explore it's larger than life redwood trees, its wild and wonderful coastline, its rolling vineyards and of course, the vibrant cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles. Join the dots between California’s many highlights as you trace its spectacular coastline in an air-conditioned car for a summer vacation to remember.

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A great time to see gorillas


You can go gorilla trekking throughout the year but we especially love July because its in the middle of Rwanda's dry season. Trekking to see the gorillas is quite literally a breath-taking experience. The mountain gorillas of Rwanda live high up in the Virunga massif, a collection of impressive volcanoes, and the opportunity to see these majestic animals in their home is certainly an experience like no other.

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Outdoor activities & Wildlife in one package


The Canadian relaxed way of life and welcoming attitude make this country one of the best destinations for active, adventurous travelers, regardless of the season. By traveling in the summer you can head deeper into Canada's great expanse of wilderness. Get off the beaten track and experience another side of this amazing country, where around each and every corner is something to take your breath away. Scott Dunn can introduce you to places a little out of the ordinary, yet unashamedly exclusive.

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The Arctic flora is in bloom & the wildlife is at its most active

The Arctic

The Arctic is a magical experience no matter when you go but July is the peak season for wildlife viewing. The Arctic tundra flowers are blooming creating a creating colorful landscape to spot arctic foxes, arctic hares and of course the polar bear. This is also an excellent time to head across Baffin Bay and to West Greenland where you can go in search of whales, minke, humpback, fin and even blue whales can be found in the Arctic Ocean.

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Experience the Naadam Festival


Mongolia is an exotic destination which is perfect for those seeking remote adventures and eye-opening cultural experiences, set to a stunning back-drop. July is an especially good time to visit as the Naadam Festival is the most important festival for Mongolians when locals compete in archery, wrestling and horse-riding. More intrepid travelers can venture on to Karakorum and stay in a temporary nomadic ger camp set up on a mountainside overlooking the Orkhon Valley which is a sight to behold!

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Koh Samui is especially beautiful at this time of year

East Coast Beaches, Thailand

This side of Thailand is perfect in the summer and Koh Samui is the archetypal tropical island, with beaches of powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters. The essence of island hopping is a laidback adventure, complete with stunning white sand beaches, warm tropical breezes and never-ending turquoise waters. Thailand captures this laissez-faire attitude perfectly and the ideal combination is Koh Phangan and Koh Samui on the exotic east coast.

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Discover a different side to the Alps

Dolomites, Italy

The Alps are not just for winter. This wonderful mountain range offers an array of activities from mountain biking to horse riding to rock climbing; its ideal for active families. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dolomites offers dramatic landscapes with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures so its perfect for these outdoor pursuits. Pair the great outdoors with a city break in Venice for a dose of culture, or choose to relax on the shores of Lake Garda for the ultimate twin-center adventure with the kids in tow.

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The weather is cooler & the game viewing is excellent


Zambia is an iconic safari destination with some incredible game viewing and beautiful scenery. Spend the summer vacation ticking off Zambia's highlights on a whistle-stop adventure through the country's most renowned safari hubs and of course, the mighty Victoria Falls. With plenty of activities to choose from, younger guests are sure never to get bored on this action-packed itinerary where no day is the same.

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Where to go in July

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