The Best Places to Visit in July


In July, we see a transition from couples traveling in the first half of the month to lots of families traveling in the latter half when the school summer break begins in earnest.

In Europe, you can’t beat a classic French combination of Provence and the Alps. Alternatively, seek the Italian Alps in the Dolomites, where hiking, traditional cuisine, and rifugios take you to a world of their own. Elsewhere, Indonesia offers the best weather in Asia, the wildebeest migration can be seen tearing across the plains in Tanzania, and a natural adventure playground awaits in Canada.

Below are our top picks for the best places to visit in July.

Best Places to Visit in July for Couples

Nothing beats flopping onto a beach with your partner after a long winter and year of work or wandering through new incredible sights. July is all about disconnecting from your work laptop and relishing quality time with your loved one.

For those after outdoor exploration and time to sit back and relax while the sound of waves crashes over you, here are some of the best places to go on vacation in July.

Seychelles, Indian Ocean

This often-overlooked gem is one of the best places to vacation in July for traveling adults and couples. Naturally lending itself to more mature crowds, the Seychelles is an incredible archipelago offering boutique castaway retreats, island hopping amongst secluded private islands, and diverse lush vegetation. Indulge in world-class spas, dine al fresco under the stars, discover eclectic bustling markets in Mahé, and embark on unique sailing adventures that open up a world of breathtaking natural beauty.


Zambia is an iconic safari destination with some incredible game viewing and beautiful scenery. Spend the days in one of the best places to travel in July ticking off Zambia's highlights on a whistle-stop adventure through the country's most renowned safari hubs and of course, the mighty Victoria Falls. With plenty of activities to choose from, our guests are sure never to get bored on this action-packed itinerary where no day is the same.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

Head to the north and the east of Sri Lanka for one of our favorite July vacation destinations. While the south experiences monsoon season, the northern and eastern regions are a flourishing sight of lush tropical jungles, palm-fringed beaches, and incredible wildlife viewing. Get off the beaten track in the North Western Province and explore local villages that seem untouched by time. In Kandy, stay in a charming city nestled in the jungle with a rich history, then venture out to the hill country and journey through traditional tea plantations in an emerald sea of green.

Best Beach Vacations in July

Looking for something tropical to really bring you out of your everyday? The best beach vacations in July will add an extra sense of relaxation and unwinding to a trip that’s hard to replace and truly feels like one of life’s great moments.

Paired with our passion for creating unique and seamless experiences, these are the best tropical vacations in July for that summer-loving feeling.

Bali temples at sunset

An exotic archipelago of over 13,500 islands, Indonesia is a kaleidoscope of color and culture. Clear, blue seas lap deserted beaches and gentle breezes carry scents of flowers and spices. This is a country of diverse beauty, from the rice paddies of Bali cut into the hillside like giant steps, to mighty volcanoes soaring through the clouds, and lush rainforest, where the endangered orangutan swings between branches. The weather is near perfect in the summer months – Indonesia in July lends itself to island hopping adventures filled with snorkeling and relaxation in equal measure.

Beach on Koh Samui
East Coast Beaches, Thailand

This side of Thailand is where to travel in July for a beach vacation and Koh Samui is the archetypal tropical island, with beaches of powdery white sand and crystal-clear waters. The essence of island hopping is a laidback adventure, complete with stunning white sand beaches, warm tropical breezes, and never-ending turquoise waters. Thailand captures this laissez-faire attitude perfectly and the ideal combination is Koh Phangan and Koh Samui on the exotic east coast.

Best Places to Visit in Europe in July

A fantastic year-round destination, Europe never disappoints no matter what time of year, and July is no different. The western and southern regions of Europe are basking in the unadulterated sun, offering unimaginable hiking, beach days, market strolls, and glitzy glamour.

These are the best places to visit in Europe in July.

Bay of Villefranche

Picture low-lying farmland, purple lavender meadows, winding coastal roads, and dazzling beaches. Add the towering heights of the snow-capped Alps and you’re well on your way to discovering the diversity and beauty of France. With usually warm, sunny weather, France is a classic July vacation destination, popular with every type of traveler. The variety knows no bounds – from glitzy Riviera towns to charming fishing ports, and picturesque hilltop villages to sprawling mountain resorts.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, also known as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, oozes history at every turn. The ancient city walls encircle the stunning Old Town, where the limestone streets are perfect for exploring. The main pedestrian street, Placa, has many cafés and shops with narrow cobbled streets branching off up the hillside, along with beautiful churches, museums, and monasteries. All of this with the stunning blue Adriatic Sea beyond the city walls makes for a perfect vacation in July.

Dolomites, Italy

The Alps are not just for winter. As one of the best vacation spots in July, this wonderful mountain range offers an array of activities from mountain biking to horse riding to rock climbing; it's ideal for active travelers. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Dolomites offers dramatic landscapes with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures so it's perfect for these outdoor pursuits. Pair the great outdoors with a city break in Venice for a dose of culture, or choose to relax on the shores of Lake Garda for the ultimate twin-center adventure.

Best Family Vacations in July

With schools out of session, the end of July marks the beginning of peak summer travel and time to reconnect as a family before the start of the next school year.

Whether you’re after the classic family beach resort vacation or something with a bit more adventure, here are the best places to go in July for vacation.

Moraine Lake, Canada

From emerald lakes and snow-capped peaks to thrilling wilderness areas teeming with wildlife, Canada is an intoxicating adventure playground waiting to whisk your family off their feet. For those who love the great outdoors, the country offers a wealth of activities to help you get off the grid, from hiking to kayaking and everything in between. But for us, the stars of the show are the wild animals that have made this their home. July in Canada is an excellent time for wildlife sightings, with both whales and bears present in large numbers.

Algarve Portugal

Portugal is where to travel in July for long sunny days and welcoming warm waters. Journey to the Algarve for that quintessential family beach escape. Rugged cliffsides meet soft-sandy beaches and paired with our Explorers kids clubs, there’s nothing this vacation can’t offer. Stay in ocean-view suites, enjoy the freshest seafood and fine dining, and partake in the world-class amenities from tennis courts to full-service spas.

Where to Travel in July for Bucketlist Experiences

July abounds with natural phenomena and the perfect window of time to see destinations often unreachable the rest of the year. For once-in-a-lifetime experiences, here’s where to travel in July.

Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned Africa aficionado, Tanzania never fails to wow. No two days are the same – landscapes, ecozystems, and animal sightings vary hugely from place to place, as vast plains give way to dramatic craters and tranquil lakes come into view on the horizon. Experience untamed wilderness in the Selous, come face-to-face with chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains, or witness the Great Wildebeest Migration tear across the Serengeti plains. Tanzania is one of the best places to go in July for vacation, with the wildebeest herds seen en masse in the north of the Serengeti, as they make their way towards the Kenya border.

The Arctic

The Arctic is a magical experience no matter when you go but July is the peak season for wildlife viewing. The Arctic tundra flowers are blooming creating a colorful landscape to spot arctic foxes, arctic hares, and of course the polar bear. This is also an excellent time to head across Baffin Bay and to West Greenland where you can go in search of whales, minke, humpback, fin, and even blue whales can be found in the Arctic Ocean.

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