Luxury Vacations in the Polar Region 2024/2025

Step afoot the wild and remote wilderness that is the North and South Pole, truly one of the most spectacular places on Earth. A journey like no other, a blaze on your senses, once you have had a taste of this magical land you will want to keep coming back for more.


Home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife and richest histories, from whales to penguins to the great ice bear, both Antarctica and the Arctic offer a life-changing experience in an Icey wonderland that is ready for you to explore.

Antarctica, the southern most region, contains an extraordinary wilderness of ice-sheets, glaciers and barren deserts that have formed over millennia, and is home to huge penguin colonies, sea birds, whales and seals.

The Arctic, the northern most region of the Earth that stretches across 8 countries, home to its own unique wildlife such as the iconic polar bear, the Arctic region is steeped in rich and fascinating Inuit culture and Viking history.

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We’ve traveled the length and breadth of Polar and tested every possible route to enable us to curate itineraries that work absolutely seamlessly, taking in the country’s many highlights at just the right pace. Packed with unique experiences and handpicked hotels, our trips deliver unforgettable travel moments.

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