Vacation Ideas & Tour Types

Creating unique vacation experiences has never been easier. By taking the time to truly understand your interests and how you like to travel we can arrange a customized, luxurious vacation that’s unique to you. But we all need a bit of inspiration now and again so come and discover some of our most popular types of vacations and start dreaming about your next trip away.

Luxury Holiday

Scott Dunn Luxury Vacation Types

We like to think out of the ordinary and stretch the boundary of the imagination with our luxury vacation types. Perfectly paired with our carefully curated collection of luxury hotels, our vacation ideas will help you achieve your greatest dreams.

Explore Our Luxury Vacation Ideas

Start with who you’re traveling with – we have a range of vacation ideas that are ideal for kids, older families and multigenerational, couples, and even small group adventures. Then dive into what you like to do; from safaris to city escapes we have it all.

Looking for a different vacation experience? Take it a step further by exploring our different ways to travel or even our helpful breakdown of where to go each month.

Vacation Types Based on Interests

Have an idea of the kind of vacation experience you want? Here are some of our favorite wildlife, ski adventures, culinary vacations, and more.

African Safari Vacations

Encounter Africa's wildlife and experience vast, striking landscapes on a personalized safari tour.

  • Expert local guides for a unique safari experience
  • 24/7 global support
  • Customized luxury African safari tours
  • Award-winning travel specialists
Luxury Beach Vacations

If you're dreaming of a luxury beach vacation, let us know what beachside bliss means to you and we'll curate the perfect getaway.

  • Customized luxury beach vacations
  • Support around the clock from the moment you book
  • Local experts with inside knowledge of any destination
  • Award-winning luxury travel specialists providing out-of-the-ordinary experiences
Luxury Ski Vacations

If there’s one thing we’re experts in here at Scott Dunn, it’s skiing. Our heritage is rooted in the much-loved pastime, and as a result, you have your pick of our superior portfolio of ski trips and experiences.

Food & drink

Food and drink have the power to reveal the soul of a place. The plum and cedar notes of a fine South African red; the fluffiest Bengali-style potatoes; a simple picnic of yielding Saint-Nectaire with crunchy bread and cornichons; the zing of fresh chilies on the tongue; the merry din of a bustling Thai market. A culinary vacation is a sensual safari that evokes memories, binds people together and teases out your adventurous side.

Outdoor & Active Vacations

If you’re like us, adventure in the great outdoors will be high on your travel wish list. If getting soaked to the skin on a white-water rafting trip or paragliding into a 5-star resort sounds like your idea of fun, check out our top 10 experiences below.

Experiential Travel

What do we mean by 'experiential' travel? We mean immersive, adventurous and authentic. A journey that gets you beneath the skin of a culture to experience life as a local.


Vacation Ideas Based on Who Is Traveling

From special occasions like honeymoons to vacations for the whole family, explore vacation ideas based on who you’re traveling with.

Luxury Family Vacations

Whether you opt to visit the beautiful coastline and beaches of the Mediterranean or enjoy a trip to Lapland for the vacations, you'll be spoiled for choice with luxury family vacation ideas when you book with Scott Dunn.

  • Bespoke family-friendly luxury vacations personalized to your needs
  • Local experts offering authentic experiences
  • 24/7 support provided by our trusted team
  • Award-winning luxury travel specialists
Luxury Couples Vacations

At Scott Dunn, we know every couple is different. That’s why we’ll get to know you personally to fully understand the type of couples vacation you want.

LGBTQ+ Vacations

Planning your next great escape? Celebrating a life milestone? Whatever your reason to travel, our travel experts know our destinations and experiences intimately and can offer impartial advice to ensure peace of mind when you travel and offer the most welcoming of vacations, with your personal needs in mind. Take inspiration from the below or get in touch for advice customized just to you.

Multi-generation Vacations

Perhaps the kids have finally flown the nest and it’s time to take Dad on a luxury train trip through the Scottish Highlands (single malt in hand, of course)? Or maybe you dream of sharing your love of wildlife with your grandchildren on an epic conservation safari in South Africa? Whether it's for a special occasion or fulfilling a lifelong ambition, more families than ever are mixing it up when it comes to travel, with young and old(er) striking out on incredible adventures that span the world.

Group Vacations

Having a family reunion, big celebration or significant birthday? All the vacations below are perfect for big groups who want to stay together.

Luxury Honeymoons

Your honeymoon should be the most memorable, magical vacation you've ever taken, and our luxury honeymoons are as unique as every couple.

  • Tailor-made luxury honeymoons to celebrate your journey together
  • Our local experts curate out-of-the-ordinary experiences
  • Seamless support when and where you need it
  • Award-winning travel experts

For a Different Kind of Travel Experiences...

Ditch planes for a new kind of travel experience. Take to the seas on an intrepid cruise of the Galapagos, revel in the nostalgia of a railway journey, or embrace slow travel and road trip through some of your favorite countries.

Cruise Vacations

Sometimes the best way to see a country’s true colors is to travel along its rivers or coastline by boat. Watch the destination reveal itself through the windows, stopping off to get up close to the cultures, history and wildlife.

Rail journeys

Surrender to the cathartic rhythm of rail and the romance of slow travel; now the true definition of luxury in a world that doffs it cap to speed. Watch iconic landscapes like the Scottish Highlands or the Alps roll by before you pull into some of the world’s most famous cities.

Our Top Road Trips

It is hard to beat the romance of the open road. For both couples and families, a road trip offers the ultimate in flexibility and adventure. The heady sense of freedom and the luxury of your own space can make hitting the road one of the most relaxing ways to travel, enjoy the scenery and meet the locals. Here’s a selection of our favorite self-drives.


When to Go Where

Find vacation ideas that work with your schedule. If you’re tied to summer break, prefer to travel in the shoulder season, or simply want to do something different this year – we’ve got you covered with the best places to go in each month for 2023.

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