Top 10 Outdoor & Active Vacations

If you’re like us, adventure in the great outdoors will be high on your travel wish list. If getting soaked to the skin on a white-water rafting trip or paragliding into a 5-star resort sounds like your idea of fun, check out our top 10 experiences below.

Outdoor Activity Holidays

Dive amongst coral reefs in Raja Ampat


Plunge into the azure waters of Raja Ampat, one of the world’s best scuba diving sites. Dive into vibrant coral gardens, encountering a kaleidoscope of marine life and some of the world’s finest reefs in this underwater wonderland. Sail the Raja Ampat Archipelago on a private charter with an expert crew for a luxurious, customized cruise.

Hike and dine on Le Morne mountain


Enjoy pure island bliss at LUX Le Morne in Mauritius, a truly secluded boutique retreat nestled at the foot of UNESCO-listed Le Morne mountain. While here, you’ll have the chance to explore the incredible natural scenery including Le Morne and Black River Gorge National Park. Embark on a scenic hike through the national park before venturing up Le Morne mountain in a 4X4 for a sunset apertivo and champagne.

Explore South Island by heli hiking

New Zealand

Take your exploration of the South Island’s most scenic regions to new heights with a heli hiking experience in Franz Josef National Park. One for the adventurous travelers, take a scenic flight by helicopter and be dropped off alongside your guide at the starting point, high up on the glacier. Admire the awe-inspiring glacier vistas while kicking off the exciting, two-hour trek. Traverse exciting trails and marvel at the epic scenery and ice formations as you go.

Paraglide into Zighy Bay


For a truly epic arrival to your vacation destination, strap in and paraglide into Six Senses Zighy Bay. Launch from 960 feet above sea level, soar over the ruggedly beautiful landscape of the Gulf of Oman and soak up the views of the Al Hajar Mountains before gently descending to the soft sands of Zighy Beach.

Adventure across the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans


Traverse the lunar-like surface of the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans on a quad bike. Arrive at Kubu Island, a remote rocky outcrop crowned by ancient, gnarled baobab trees. Here, vast skies and sprawling salt pans combine to create this extraordinary African landscape. Switch off your engine and take a moment to breathe in the silence and solitude.

Wind through the electric streets of Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

Delve into the invigorating buzz of Hanoi as you weave through the bustling city streets on a Vespa, immersing yourself in the very best of Vietnam. Indulge in the sights and smells of the city as the wind blows through your hair, stopping off to sample infused rice wine and enjoy the vibrant sounds of a famous local jazz club.

Experience the peaks of Torres del Paine

Patagonia, Chile

Iconic granite towers beckon the avid adventurer in Torres del Paine. Hike in the vicinity of the icy glacier, through sprawling forests and along lakes sparkling under morning frost. Absorb stunning views from the sun and snow-kissed peaks as you trek. Hear the call of pumas in the stillness of the night, perhaps seeing them cross your path by day.

Snorkel between tectonic plates


Embrace your adventurous spirit at Iceland’s Silfra Fissure – the only place in the world where you can snorkel and dive between two tectonic plates – the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Don a snorkel and explore the crystal-clear waters. Float over lava, swim between volcanic canyons and admire the underwater scenery – this is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime' experience of note!

Cycle through Atacama’s Moon Valley


Escape the bustling crowds on a bike ride through the Valley of the Moon at dawn, enjoying moments of true bliss as the sun rises over the picturesque sand dunes. Attune your senses to the silence of nature, uncovering the remote Tatio Geyser fields, spotting flamingos in the Altiplano lakes and pausing for a revitalizing swim in local lagoons.

Raft along the Pacuare River

Costa Rica

Take on a thrill-seekers route or a gentle raft through the jungle scenery, occasionally across rushing rapids for a short sharp blast of adrenaline, on the Pacuare River in Costa Rica en route to Pacuare Lodge. Definitely an experience for families with teenagers and older travelers who are looking for a dose of sheer fun, you’ll encounter some of the best whitewater Costa Rica has to offer, as well as the Huacas waterfall and classic Costa Rican wildlife.

More Outdoor & Active Vacation Ideas

Walking Vacations

What better way is there to explore some of the most beautiful corners of the world than on foot. It’s an opportunity to re-connect with nature, to get out into the great outdoors for an adventure like no other.

Ultimate treks and hikes

Hike through some of the most beautiful and remote parts of the world to reconnect with nature on a deeper level, breathing in fresh air and soaking up the sights, smells and sounds.

Golf Vacations

If you enjoy a bit of sport during your vacation, we can take you to some of the best locations in the world for indulging in your favorite sport, and make arrangements regarding the equipment you need so you can get started straightaway. You could take your family somewhere where you can play golf with a sparkling ocean view, or perhaps you’d like to arrange a boys’ weekend on the golf course, somewhere you can also enjoy spectacular scenery, fine dining and perhaps a beach club too. Whether you want sports to be the sole focus or simply one feature of your vacation, we can tailor your vacation to suit.

Tennis Vacation

Hitting a tennis ball in the sunshine, we can take you to some of the best locations in the world for indulging in your favorite sport, and make arrangements regarding the equipment you need so you can get started straightaway. Whether you want sports to be the sole focus or simply one feature of your vacation, we can tailor your vacation to suit.

Luxury horse riding vacations

If you or your children love horseback riding or want to give it a go on vacation, we have a host of ideas that will give you the chance to live the life of a cowboy, gallop through the waves on a white sandy beach, or just take a few riding lessons somewhere seriously unexpected.

Scuba diving

Whether you’re an experienced diver or just starting out, we can help you explore more of the blue planet’s reefs, lagoons and shipwrecks, customizing a vacation to suit your standard.


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