The Ultimate Vietnam with Kids Travel Guide

Vietnam is a country like no other with each region unique and inspiring. Travel with your family from the south to the north, taking in all that this alluring country has to offer, on a Scott Dunn Vietnam family vacation.

Vietnam for Families

Considering a trip to Vietnam with kids? It's an adventure for families with children of all ages. Steeped in history and bustling with vibrant streets, Vietnam captivates with not only its cultural depth but also its serene beaches – a perfect mix for relaxation and exploration. A growing number of people are choosing family vacations in Vietnam as their ideal getaway, taking advantage of its diverse offerings. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, want to immerse in culture or unwind by the beach, Vietnam is the answer. And this guide? Think of it as your roadmap to that special adventure covering everything from the best places to visit to where to stay.

Is Vietnam a Good Place to Travel with Kids?

Absolutely. Vietnam is a haven of variety, especially for a family vacation in Vietnam. The experience is not just about museums and temples; it's about diving into its lively culture. In cities like Hanoi, what to do in Vietnam goes beyond the usual. You can immerse yourself in the vibrant daily life, wandering around the old town, trying out street food, and exploring local markets. For those with really young children not psyched on city explorations, Vietnam's pristine beaches offer an idyllic setting for a laid-back beach vacation. Many also often wonder, is Vietnam safe? The answer is a resounding yes, making those family adventures out and about all the more enjoyable. With its very low crime rate, Vietnam is not only a safe destination but also a welcoming country for families. Vietnamese culture is family oriented. Children are adored and often become the center of attention in public places. Families, including extended families, often gather for meals, festivals, and other special occasions. When traveling with kids, you'll likely find Vietnamese locals to be welcoming and accommodating. Plus, when considering family hotels in Vietnam, the choices are abundant. When you book with big international hotel brands, you can count on consistent quality and a variety of familiar foods and flavors. And let's talk about the food! Vietnamese dishes are a hit with families, thanks to their simple and mild flavors. Think fresh herbs, wholesome ingredients, and meals that even the pickiest eaters will love. Got vegans or vegetarians in the troop? No worries! The cuisine is super adaptable, so everyone gets a bite of the deliciousness.

Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids

Discovering Vietnam with kids is akin to opening a vibrant storybook filled with rich cultural tales and adventures. Whether it's a nuclear family, teens, or a multigenerational journey, Vietnam ensures each page holds a unique charm for its readers. So, what is there to see in Vietnam?

Go on a Vespa Food Tour

For those who crave the urban buzz, cities like Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, and Hoi An beckon. The Vespa foodie tours, specially customized for teens, give a unique flavor of Vietnam for kids. Zipping through narrow alleys and sampling local delicacies offer teens an intimate look at the vibrant street life.

Take a Cooking Class

In contrast to the urban rush, the Four Seasons Nam Hai cooking classes emerge as a harmonious retreat suitable for everyone, from younger kids to grandparents. This Vietnam family activity strengthens bonds as families pick ingredients and cook together, transforming a simple meal into a treasured memory of their Vietnam family trip.

Bike Through the Countryside

Cycling through Hoi An's serene countryside appeals especially to teens and adults. Among the popular Vietnam things to do, this journey showcases the picturesque rural landscapes and offers a peaceful change from the bustling cityscapes. Tai Chi sessions, often embraced by multigenerational families, add a touch of spiritual rejuvenation. The graceful movements of Tai Chi set against locales like Hoi An and Halong Bay leave an indelible mark on travelers.

Ride on the Train

For another slow paced alternative with older kids, the train journey from Da Nang and Quy Nhon is perfect for families seeking both adventure and relaxation. Its slow pace and scenic views of the coastline, towns, and villages offer an immersive experience of Vietnamese culture. Especially for families prioritizing comfort, the luxury of Anatara's wagon provides an elevated experience.

Take a Boat Ride

And if you're looking for things to do in South Vietnam, the boat ride on the Saigon River, accompanying the tunnel exploration, adds a magical touch to the experience. Speaking of boat rides, we also recommend taking a boat ride down the Mekong Delta. This region has plenty of opportunities to explore floating markets and meet friendly locals in the surrounding villages.

Relax on the Beach

Of course, there’s always the gorgeous white-sand beaches that provide the perfect backdrop for your family to rest and relax. Many comfortable resorts offer exceptional spas with therapeutic treatments like massages, facials and scrubs. Enjoy some sunrise yoga, a leisurely round of golf or cool off from the midday heat in a refreshing pool. And in the evening, dine on fresh seafood and local produce at one of the many gourmet restaurants. The options for peace and relaxation are endless in Vietnam.

Explore the Cu Chi Tunnels

The fascinating Cu Chi tunnels near Ho Chi Minh City provide families with an engaging peek into the underground world of the Viet Cong soldiers from the Vietnam War era. This maze of tunnels played a crucial role in the Viet Cong's strategies, particularly during the 1968 Tet Offensive. A family-friendly highlight is the option to take a luxury speedboat ride along the Saigon River, turning the journey into a scenic adventure that lasts just over an hour. Once there, parents and kids alike can discover trap doors and venture through portions of the tunnels, making the Cu Chi Tunnels a delightful and educational family outing in Vietnam.

Watch a Puppet Show

Rounding off the Vietnam family vacation, the Water Puppet Shows emerge as a universal favorite. As one of the iconic Vietnamese spectacles, these shows captivate audiences of all ages with a blend of puppetry, music, and storytelling.

Best Places to Visit in Vietnam with Kids

Vietnam with kids is a journey that offers a unique blend of education, adventure, and relaxation. The country is packed with highlights, making it quite a task to pinpoint the best places Vietnam offers for a memorable Vietnam family vacation. But certain spots should be on the list of must-sees for families.

Halong Bay: For those compiling their list of what to do in Vietnam, Halong Bay is a gem not to be missed. The bay promises a dose of adrenaline, with teens especially drawn to kayaking and cave exploration. Amidst the rush, the serene ambiance of the bay lays the perfect setting for cherished multigenerational moments.

Hoi An and Da Nang: Two names inevitably pop up when thinking of cities ideal for a Vietnam family trip: Hoi An and Da Nang. Located just 30 minutes apart, these cities are worlds apart in ambiance. Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, feels like a leap back into the past. Families can lose themselves in the lantern-lit charm by night, absorbing the stories the ancient town silently tells. In stark contrast, Da Nang is the epitome of Vietnam for kids looking for a mix of beach fun and city adventures. Its pristine beaches, majestic mountains, and a touch of modern attractions like theme parks make it a haven for relaxation and thrill.

Hanoi: Vietnam is ideal for multi-generations of families traveling together. Take in Hanoi’s layered history, with Confucius temples, colonial architecture, upmarket boutiques and sumptuous cuisine from fine dining to humble street vendors. Venture to the central highlands to interact with the local hill-tribes, then cap off your family vacation with a rejuvenating stay at a luxurious beach-side resort. We know how to make sure every member of your family has the best possible time in Vietnam.

Sapa: And a Vietnam family tour for adventurous families isn’t complete without a stop in Sapa. Nicknamed the “Tonkinese Alps,” head out to the country to enjoy luminous scenery, weekly hill-tribe markets and excellent trekking.

Where to Stay in Vietnam

Children are adored in Vietnam, and while overwhelming cities and long travel times may test the patience of the youngest members of the family, a vacation to Vietnam is truly a rewarding experience. At Scott Dunn, we make sure that your little ones are well looked after through family hotels in Vietnam, with villas, interconnected rooms, close attractions, and a host of entertaining activities. 

With Younger Kids

When planning a Vietnam family vacation with young ones in tow, you'll want to meet their every need. Opt for family hotels in Vietnam that offer amenities like children's pools, play areas, and specialized kids' menus. Kid-friendly resorts in Vietnam often provide villas so the family can spread out and kids menus to ensure the precious palettes of your little ones are happy.

Water Villa bathroom, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Villas and bungalows on the beach, over the water, between the rocks, or perched on the mountainside have space for all the family and will make you feel like you’re the only people at the hotel. They come with ocean-view terraces to relax on once the kids are in bed and private pools in which to make as much noise as they like. Incredible activities in the kid’s club Vooc Village will introduce children to the environment, let them be alchemists, pirates and photographers, and take them star gazing.

Four Seasons Nam Hai
Four Seasons Nam Hai

Only a stone’s throw away from Hoi An, the Four Seasons Nam Hai is a perfect choice for families with younger children. Each villa has outstanding views across white sands out to the ocean and comes with a personal butler service. For children aged 4-12 years old, there is a fantastic complimentary kids’ club with a huge selection of organized games, explorations and activities like hat making, cooking and even learning Vietnamese. It also has its own shady splash park filled with fountains, babysitting services and children’s menus with flexible mealtimes.

With Older Kids

Traveling to Vietnam with teenagers or pre-teens? It's all about finding the balance between cultural immersion and recreation. Vietnam family resorts that cater to older kids offer adventurous activities, tech zones, and teen clubs. Plus, older kids will appreciate exploring local markets, trying Vietnamese street food, and participating in cultural activities. Ensure a memorable Vietnam family vacation by choosing places that strike this balance.


Amanoi, on the pristine coastline of Vietnam's Vinh Hy Bay, seamlessly combines the natural beauty of the Nui Chua National Park with world-class activities, making it an ideal setting for families with older kids. From jungle treks and snorkeling to cultural excursions, a world-class spa and fabulous food it offers the chance for adults and children to unwind and reconnect. Spacious, beautifully designed villas have ample space for families to relax together, and attentive service ensures that every member of the family feels truly pampered.

Park Hyatt Saigon pool
Park Hyatt

Ideally located near all the main attractions in Ho Chi Minh, the Park Hyatt exudes a stylish grandeur from a bygone era. Opulent rooms are extremely comfortable, with all the mod-cons you could ask for, plus extra beds and interconnecting rooms are available. There are two restaurants on-site and an outdoor pool to cool off in after days in the city.

For Multigenerational Families

Multigenerational trips can be the most memorable but also require accommodations catering to all age groups. Search for family hotels in Vietnam that offer a mix of relaxation, entertainment, and accessibility. These resorts prioritize spaces where the family can come together, from large dining areas to communal pools. Everyone, from the youngest toddler to the eldest grandparent, will find something to enjoy.

A shot of the Ancient Hue Garden House
Ancient Hue Garden Houses

A collection of five private properties just 10 minutes outside Hue works brilliantly for people traveling with extended family members. Each has a private pool and there is a main house with a restaurant, so no one need cook. There’s a spa, plus bikes to borrow and the concierge will arrange activities to keep kids entertained, like bamboo paper workshops, cooking classes, yoga and kite flying.

Sofitel Metrople Hanoi
Sofitel Legend Metrople - Hanoi

A French Colonial-style property built in 1901, the Sofitel Metropole Hanoi boasts a rich history and century-long tradition of hosting high-profile guests. It has several brilliant restaurants, a beautiful outdoor pool in a courtyard and a lavish, three-storey spa with hammam, jacuzzi and sauna. While the adults indulge in a little self-care, there are indoor and outdoor playgrounds for the children. Babysitting and interconnecting rooms can be arranged, making it convenient for multigenerational family vacations in Vietnam.

For Beach Vacations

Vietnam boasts a stunning coastline that beckons families to its sun-kissed shores. Kid-friendly resorts Vietnam showcases along its beaches are often synonymous with pristine sands, water sports, and endless ocean views. Those seeking the ultimate beach Vietnam family vacation will find many resorts that blend luxury with the laid-back atmosphere of the seaside.

Six Senses Con Dao
Six Senses Con Dao

A remote island gem surrounded by white sand beaches with coral-rich cobalt blue waters and backed by verdant hills, this 50-villa hideaway is in a remarkable setting. Villas are light and airy with private saltwater pools that merge into the landscape, plus a butler service. They come with one to four bedrooms, so there is room for all the family. Two restaurants serve organic and locally sourced food, one is more informal than the other, offering up Vietnamese street food. There’s a complimentary kids’ club for children aged 3-12, plus bicycles, a spa and a yoga pavilion.

Vietnam, South East Asia
Bai San Ho

Bai San Ho is just the place for luxury family vacations in Vietnam. A beachfront resort on the south-central coast of Vietnam, escape from reality in the 240-acre estate surrounded by jungle-clad hills, rice paddies and an idyllic private beach to sink your toes into. There’s fishing, diving and exceptional snorkeling in the colorful reef. While back on land, the hotel has a yoga studio, panoramic infinity pool, three restaurants, two tennis courts, a spa and an action-packed kids’ club.

For Active Families

For those families who thrive on adventure and activity, Vietnam does not disappoint. From trekking in Sapa to exploring the caves of Phong Nha, the country offers boundless adventures. Opt for Vietnam family resorts that are close to trekking routes, offer bicycle rentals, or organize family-friendly excursions. These places ensure that every day of your trip is packed with excitement and exploration.

Topas Ecolodge
Topas Ecolodge

Surrounded by the most amazing views of mountains, paddy fields and villages, Topas Ecolodge is perfectly located to make the most of Vietnam’s best treks. Activities at the hotel center around trekking, which, along with the breathtaking scenery, take you to remote villages to learn about local culture and the different ethnic tribes. Hikes vary in difficulty, from easy to challenging, depending on your family’s abilities. There is also the opportunity to explore the area by motorbike and bicycle.

Halong Violet
Heritage Line - Violet

With only six cabins, Heritage Line Violet is one of the most intimate and exclusive cruise boats in Halong Bay. Each cabin is individually themed and decked out in luxurious interiors, along with private balconies to make the most of the panoramic views. While on a family vacation in Vietnam, spend two days on board stopping at local villages and pearl farms, kayaking on still waters, and exploring caves and deserted beaches. On board, there are activities like nighttime squid fishing (for your supper), Tai Chi classes and cookery lessons. There’s even a spa and boutique on the boat.

Our Vietnam Family Tours

For those in quest of a journey through Vietnam that breaks away from the mundane, we offer compelling options that rank high on the list of things to do in Vietnam. Our Vietnam family tours are thoughtfully curated to provide memorable experiences for all age groups.

Firstly, the Vietnam Uncovered tour is perfect for the adventurous teenager and well-suited for older families. Participants can explore the heart of Vietnam by walking through diverse landscapes and mountain biking across picturesque terrains. Ninh Binh, once Vietnam's original capital, is a key highlight, melding rich history with incredible landmarks. This tour expertly combines outdoor adventure with the cultural heritage of Vietnam, promising an unforgettable experience for teens and parents alike.

Alternatively, our Extraordinary Central Vietnam tour offers a harmonious blend of cultural enrichment, culinary delights, and relaxation for families with younger children. This experience allows families to immerse themselves in Vietnam's rich culture, indulge in the country's authentic flavors, and unwind on the pristine beaches along the central coast. Whether your family loves exploring new cuisines or simply relishing the serenity of beachside locales, this tour will deliver cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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