Scott Dunn Explorers age groups

At Scott Dunn, we want to take your children on a journey of discovery during their vacation, open up their imaginations and introduce them to new experiences.

  • Globetrotters age group
    Globetrotters - 4 months to 2 years


    4 MONTHS - 2 YEARS

    At a glance

    • Our experienced childcare team will get to you know your child’s routine and follow it as closely as possible
    • Exceptional childcare ratios making sure each child gets plenty of individual attention
    • For nap time, they can settle down in the specially designed sleep room, available in all our clubs.
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  • Adventurers age group
    Adventurers - 3-4 year olds


    3 - 4 YEARS

    At a glance

    • Excellent ratio of 4 children to every nanny
    • Action packed program designed to encourage interaction, learning and discovery
    • We provide lunch, snacks and refreshments throughout the day
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  • Voyagers age group
    Voyagers - 5-7 years


    5 - 7 YEARS

    At a glance

    • Cared for by our nannies and rangers with a ratio of 1:6
    • Tailored activity plans give the perfect opportunity to try new sports and improve on skills
    • Trips to the beach for cricket, games and water fun
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  • Pioneers age group
    Pioneers - 8-11 years


    8 - 11 YEARS

    At a glance

    • A range of sports from basketball and unihoc to football, tennis and golf. Or spend the day at the beach playing cricket or splash rounders, trying some new water sports or taking part in a swimming challenge.
    • Off-site trips to adrenaline parks and water parks or to go surfing and back at the club there are lots of activities available to encourage their creative flare.
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  • Crew programme for 11+ years
    Crew teens programme


    11+ YEARS

    At a glance

    • An activity program for 11+.
    • 18 hours of fun and varied activities, spread over 6 days, running at different points in the day. No strict timetables, no base camp, just arranged meeting points with the Crew Leader and the freedom for them to try something new.
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