When would you like to travel?

Dreaming of a vacation but not sure where to go? Look no further than our monthly travel guide. Our travel experts know a thing or two about their destinations and they've put together their favorite destinations by month and explained what makes them so special.


January is the ideal time to head further afield in search of cultural gems. If it’s winter sun you’re after, the choice on offer is wide and varied. It’s a great time to visit certain parts of Asia, including India (where you can see the International Kite Festival), Sri Lanka and the Maldives; and parts of the Caribbean, too. Or, if you’re interested in taking a safari, this is an optimum time to head to South Africa for big game viewing.

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For those craving winter sun, there’s plenty on offer in February, as well as fabulous skiing in the Alps and North America. By now, the snow in the Alps and North American resorts is usually firmly established so it's a great time for skiing.

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In the Alps, half term is now over for the French (which runs for the whole of February), so this is a great time to go skiing if you’re not traveling with children. If you prefer balmy climes at this time of year, the Caribbean is a delight, and Mauritius and Vietnam are in their prime season. 

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From the Indian Ocean and Middle East to the Alps, April is a great time to escape, with plenty on offer for every kind of traveler. Easter skiing is favoured by many, often bringing one last big snowfall and plenty of air-weather skiing, with longer days and quieter slopes to enjoy it.

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Europe is warming up nicely in May. Southeast Asia is beautiful at this time of year, as well as Australasia. China and Japan are other exciting options, or for African beaches and amazing blue waters, Mozambique is a good choice in May. Alternatively, try Mauritius and the OurSpace children’s club there.

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For families with pre-school children, June is the perfect time to escape to the Mediterranean. For romance, Italy is beautiful at this time of year, and Croatia is sublime without being too hot. Lisbon is well known for its parties, but in June they celebrate Santo Antonio, starting with a costumed parade up to the city castle as a prequel to the most extravagant parties you’ll have ever experienced.

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In July, the Mediterranean is perhaps at its best, before parts become a little too hot for some in August. Couples can find romance in Italy’s cities, and the endless beaches across the Mediterranean.

If tropical desert islands are what you crave at this time of year, many parts of South East Asia are perfect in July, or, if you want natural spectacles, head to Africa.

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For families going away in the summer vacations, Greece is the perfect beach escape and the French Alps is a hotspot for exhilarating activities. Further a-field, Canada has plenty to offer both families and couples while Mauritius and the Maldives are just some of the places you can find desert island paradise at this time of year. 

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September is great time to go away, with plenty on offer from the Far East to Africa. If you want to head East instead, Indonesia's islands are wonderful in September. As well as offering fabulous game viewing, Africa’s ocean waters are equally as enticing; this is the best of year to go diving in Mozambique or take part in all kinds of adventures in South Africa.

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From eating sun-ripened mango in Madagascar to snorkeling in Mauritius, there’s a rich choice of things to do and places to see in October. You could head to the Middle East – perhaps to Dubai’s extraordinary desert metropolis, to Jordan's otherworldly landscapes or to Morocco to explore the souks and bazaars. In North America, autumnal leaves have transformed New England or head further south where Chile's Atacama Desert will take your breath away.

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November is a fine time for an exotic escape. Many parts of the world enjoy fantastic weather in November - and as it's outside of school vacations there are fewer people traveling.

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December finally brings the beginning of the ski season in Europe. And with fewer crowds and off-peak prices, it can be a great time to go skiing. Alternatively, if you’re keen to get some winter sun before the festive season, or you fancy spending Christmas somewhere exotic, there’s a huge choice of destinations that are fabulous in December.

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