Things to Do in Vietnam

Vietnam really is one of the most fascinating, frenetic and captivating countries we know and is blessed with a dizzying variety that keeps the most discerning visitor constantly enthralled. From the Vietnam War tunnels and museums in Ho Chi Minh City, to the colonial charm and customizing in Hoi An, to ancient temples in Hue, to the bustling Capital of Hanoi, to the wonders of Halong Bay and the Far North deciding what to see in Vietnam is no small feat.

Our Vietnam tours have been designed to bring together as many Vietnam highlights as possible in a single trip, depending on your interests and the length of your trip. As a long Country the weather varies considerably and when you visit Vietnam will likely affect what you do whilst there. Find out more about where to stay in Vietnam and the Vietnam hotels that we recommend. Contact us to speak to a member of our specialist travel team about the best things to do in Vietnam during your trip.

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