Scott Dunn Charitable Fund

The Scott Dunn Charitable Fund supports a variety of community-based projects right around the world. Money raised through the fund goes directly to charitable projects that promote education, community development and conservation that bring real long-term improvements to the lives of many in poverty stricken and remote areas.

It's a sad fact that the world we live in is an unpredictable place so we believe it's only prudent to set aside a small reserve to use in the event of major natural disasters. As a principle, we choose to help local people on the ground rather than donating to large international charities. Following the earthquake in Japan in 2011, we were able to donate a significant sum to the RQ Center, which usually operates as a non-profit organization running Ecotourism Centers for children, however in the aftermath of the earthquake they mobilised volunteers to clean houses, schools and public buildings so that people could return home.

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CHICKS is a national children’s charity which provides some of the most disadvantaged children in the UK with free, week-long breaks in the countryside and by the sea. Since being set up in 1992, CHICKS has grown tremendously and has helped over 13,500 children. Each week a group of children from different backgrounds come together in Devon, Cornwall or the Peak District to enjoy some exciting indoor and outdoor activities. Rock climbing, face painting, horse riding, trips to the beach and theater are all but a few of the activities that are available for the children. Scott Dunn has funded a week at the Cornwall retreat for 16 children. CHICKS aims to form positive childhood memories, therefore all of the activities are designed to encourage potential and improve confidence.

Mary's Meals, Kachere 1 Primary School, Southern Malawi

As a School feeding program, Mary’s Meal aims to give one daily meal to a child in return for a place in education. In memory of Louise Black, Scott Dunn has made a donation to ensure that every child at Kachere 1 Primary School in Malawi is provided with one meal a day. This is an extremely beneficial scheme as it encourages more children to attend school, which provides prospective employers with evidence of good attendance and therefore greatly increases their chance of finding a good job.

The Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. They ensure clean water, a healthy ocean and coastlines and accessible beaches for all to enjoy by finding lasting solutions to the threats our ocean faces. Since Scott Dunn opened our California office in 2016, we wanted to find a local charity that resonated with the beliefs of our team and worked to protect the world’s oceans and beaches. The Surfrider Foundation was the perfect fit.

TOFT - Travel Operators for Tigers

TOFTigers is an international campaign across the Indian sub-continent, which aims to encourage and support responsible tourism, as a way to save Tigers and their wilderness areas, which are at risk of extinction. TOFTigers’ main objectives hope to change the foundation of nature tourism by improving visitor guidance, increasing community involvement, targeting green investment and enhancing the governance of all of their projects. By improving these components of responsible tourism, the welfare and protection of these animals and their habitats will ultimately create a more sustainable future.

Tusk Trust

For the last 25 years, Tusk’s main objectives have been to protect Africa’s wildlife, natural heritage and the future of its land, culture and people. With over 60 projects in 19 African counties, Tusk aims to eliminate the threat of endangered species such as elephants, rhinos, cheetahs, chimpanzee, gorillas and marine species like turtles. In addition to the conservation of wildlife being a primary objective, Tusk believes that the future of wildlife is extremely dependant on education and sustainable development of those communities that live alongside the wildlife. Therefore supporting areas of poverty is an important component that tusk aims to also improve.

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