China Travel Guides

Our China guides shed light on some of the intricacies of this amazing country, our experts provide answers to some of the logistical questions you may have, separating the facts from the fiction which China is often in enshrouded in. China does have some specific etiquettes that should be followed so it’s good to be educated on this before traveling, the people you meet are usually charming and appreciative of local traditions being kept.

We would suggest perusing some of the other guides, whether your focus is on the UNESCO Heritage sites we have a guide on the 48 that are in China or understanding the best family friendly experience, we have guides for all.

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China Festival Dates

China’s festivals are vibrant, varied and full of color. From local ethnic festivals found only in Yunnan, to Chinese New Year that’s celebrated nationwide, here’s our guide to when they are happening. It is important to note that some festivals result in attractions, shops and restaurants shutting down for a few days, whereas others add massively to a trip. Please talk to one our specialists about which ones might suit you.

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Our guide to China

Whether you are desperate to discover the fascinating imperial history of this enormous country or want to get off the beaten track and into the wild, China does not disappoint and we are here to help you get the most out of it.

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China: The best of UNESCO

Here’s our guide to some of the best China has to offer, including where to stay and how to include them in your trip.

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Chinese Whispers

Here at Scott Dunn we are delighted to showcase the best of China along with ideas to get you away from the crowds. Whether you are interested in China’s historic towns, its wild landscapes or its modern cities, our specialists are on hand to craft your perfect itinerary.

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Great Wall of China

Few more iconic structures exist on our fine planet than the Great Wall of China. Whatever your expectations, it’s guaranteed to leave you slack-jawed in wonder. It’s true that vast numbers of people visit each year but there are still ways to explore quiet stretches of this undulating 8,850 km, 2,200 year old colossus.

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