Tours in China

Being a truly vast country, China has an exhaustive array of places to visit, sites to see and cultures to experience. Therefore, our experts have traveled to the furthest reaches of China as well as the better-known gems to understand how we can curate the perfect itineraries allowing you to make the most of your time here.

For those who are visiting this majestic kingdom for the first time we would suggest an itinerary that incorporates Beijing or Shanghai with a more rural area. For those desperate to delve deeper into remote regions then why not cruise along the Yangtze River, walk the Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan or visit the stunning area of Guangxi and lets not forget Tibet and northern China which are leagues of their own and simply majestic. A top tip is don’t try and do it all at once, take your time to breath in the spices, marvel at the jutting mountains and majestic landscapes all the time learn about this countries unique and often fraught history dating back to the great dynasties. China really is a treasure trove of kaleidoscopic scenes and our itineraries ensure you are immersed from the moment you arrive.

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