Places to Visit in China

There is a plethora of must-see places in China so our specialists will understand your ultimate desires for a trip to China and then curate a bespoke holiday from there.

Places to visit

Shanghai is a glittering metropolitan city where modern buildings compliment the traditional temples and older districts of the city and it is worth getting lost in this city stumbling along idyllic temples in the shadows of vast skyscrapers. In Beijing explore the endless corridors and rooms of the Forbidden City, marvel at Tiananmen Square the iconic location of the 1989 movement. Xian has the world-famous Terracotta Army which was built in 210 BC to provide protection for the Emperor in his afterlife, it was rediscovered in 1974 and is now an iconic site to visit. Shanxi and Henan are considered the cradle of civilisation and so perfect for those with a flare for culture and history, there are majestic temples and caves to explore. Tibet is still to this day shrouded in mystery and historical turbulence making it a key must see place, venture to Tibet to explore the Potala Palace, the former home of the Dalai Lama and a sacred site in Tibetan Buddhism. Sichuan is also high on top places to visit in China, it is famous for its hot pot and Chengdu the capital is famous for its cuddly black and white pandas which never fail to make you laugh at their loveable mannerisms. Yunnan is also one of our must visits in China, notably because of Shangri-La which is a stunning mountain top town with a Tibetan Monastery as well as Dali old town which picturesque with wooden alley ways and quaint houses. The list of places to visit in China really does go on!

Map featuring best places to visit in China

Places on the map

  • Shanghai and Eastern China China
  • Guangxi & Around China
  • Tibet China
  • Henan, Shanxi and Shandong China
  • Sichuan & Yangtze River China
  • Hunan, Fujian and Guangzhou China
  • Yunnan China
  • Guangzhou China
  • Luoping China
  • Tulou China
  • Yuncheng China
  • Taiyuan China
  • Xiamen China
  • Puzhehei China
  • Datong China
  • Wuyishan China
  • Zhangjiajie China
  • Yangtze River & Yichang China
  • Linfen China
  • Gyirong China
  • Kaili China
  • Guiyang China
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