Lewa and Borana

With such a definitive focus on conservation, an array of unique game viewing experiences and high concentrations of wildlife, Lewa and Borana are the poster boys of safari in Northern Kenya. Overlooked by the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kenya National Park, the idyllic setting of these conservancies makes them a truly fantastic place to see the best of Africa's wildlife.

Northern Kenya’s Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is hailed as a leading light in wildlife conservation. Stretching across 60,000 acres of the Laikipia plateau, the conservancy is home to a diverse array of endangered species, most notably black and white rhino. The reserve’s unyielding commitment to the eradication of poaching has seen unprecedented results and the park now supports many species of wildlife including elephant, buffalo, giraffe, wild dog and waterbuck. Thanks to its dedication to anti-poaching, UNESCO have recognised Lewa Downs as a World Heritage Site.

Located in the shadow of Mount Kenya, Lewa is a superlative safari destination boasting dramatic scenery, thriving wildlife populations, and some of the most exciting game viewing experiences in Kenya. Traverse the plains on the back of a camel, take to the skies on a scenic flight over the savannah, or for the ultimate challenge, run a marathon through the grounds of the conservancy.

Abutting Lewa to the west is the Borana Wildlife Conservancy, and game can wander freely between the two reserves. The sustainable conservation of Borana’s wildlife and ecosystems is paramount. The conservancy has implemented effective anti- poaching initiatives with the aim of educating the local community to guarantee the survival of the park’s endangered species. Prides of lions are monitored closely, newly introduced black rhino are fiercely protected and for the first time in over 50 years, a healthy population roams the park.

Borana is also home to one of Kenya’s first eco-lodges where you can get involved in daily life at a working cattle ranch. From here you can enjoy sundowners on Pride Rock, the original inspiration for Disney blockbuster The Lion King, take a helicopter flight around Mount Kenya or, embark on an expedition to the mountain itself. Enjoy a night safari for the chance to see prowling leopards or lions on the hunt, or, take to two wheels on a mountain biking safari for a unique way to see Kenya’s big game.

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