Luxury Travel Trends 2024

With offices in the UK, US and Singapore, delving into our guests’ booking habits, our global teams have a unique and fascinating insight into the motivations, interests, and trending destinations for luxury travellers.

Travel Trends

In 2024, we’ve found that meaningful moments are at the heart of travellers’ wishlists, and the act of slowing down to explore further and for longer is influencing this year’s travel trends. From the glamour and leisurely indulgence of rail travel to France taking centre stage, we’ve rounded up the top luxury travel trends for 2024.

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Be inspired by our pick of what's hot for 2024 in luxury travel. These are the latest trending travel destinations based on our market research and inside knowledge.


Luxury Travel Trends for 2024

We’ve seen the predictions for the 2024 travel trends, but now it’s time to show the facts as we examine our booking data over the past year and extract insights from surveys and the current luxury travel landscape. Based on our insights, it’s all about enjoying experiential trips with the people that matter most in 2024.

Rail and sail renaissance

For many, meaningful travel equates to slowing down and enjoying the journey as much as the destination. The romance and nostalgia (not to mention low carbon footprint) of travelling by high-glamour rail and epic boat journeys is becoming increasingly popular for Scott Dunn guests. The return of the Eastern Oriental Express to Malaysia’s rails is top of guests’ wishlists for 2024, while cruise considerers are also beginning to dominate the travel landscape. With a highly selective collection of boats and yachts, Scott Dunn’s cruise itineraries will combine the very best of land and water, always with an element of adventure - a far cry from the usual cruise stereotype. From remote Antarctic expeditions on board the Silver Endeavour to a cultural and culinary journey through the Amazon on board an Aqua Expeditions vessel, this is cruising for the most discerning of travellers.

Health of self

Taking the opportunity to travel whilst fit and able was a key outcome of this year’s survey, and getting active outdoors ranked at the top of respondents’ travel wishlists. Whether it’s a post-recovery holiday after an illness, or a once-in-a-lifetime hiking trip to relieve stress, the profound impact a change of scenery can have to recharge the body and mind is not lost on Scott Dunn’s Travel Specialists. In 2024, Sri Lanka’s rich tapestry is predicted to be high in demand for these meaningful trips. From embracing the healing powers of indigenous medicine and Ayurvedic practices, to embarking on a guided hike along the newly opened Pekoe Trail – a 300km walking route that winds through Sri Lanka’s Central Highlands – the island is set to be a top destination to visit for wellbeing in 2024.

The extended stop over

With 45% of respondents planning to take longer holidays and 38% planning to take more holidays in 2024 than this year, getting creative with indirect flight routes to maximise each trip is part of the in-the-know magic available to Scott Dunn’s guests. An imaginative flight route provides the opportunity to explore two destinations for the price of one airfare. Gateway destinations to watch in 2024 are the Philippines en route to Australia and South Korea as a pre-Japan stopover. Similarly, Scott Dunn’s Travel Specialists are experts at taking advantage of new flight routes, whether it’s a sun-drenched stay in Abu Dhabi in celebration of the re-launch of British Airways’ London to Abu Dhabi route in April 2024 (back after a four-year hiatus), or a cultural deep-dive in Bangalore thanks to Virgin Atlantic’s new direct route from London taking off in March 2024.

Aspirational all-inclusives

A surge in decision-making fatigue combined with a continued desire to get the best value possible from a luxury holiday means that travellers are more eager than ever to experience all-inclusive offerings. Bookings for full-board safaris and all-inclusive luxury lodges are on the rise, as Scott Dunn guests take full advantage of the amenities included, from gourmet à la carte dining and personal butler service, to guided excursions and local community visits. Whether it’s staying at the highly anticipated Singita Milele Camp when it opens in Spring 2024, sinking into the luxury of Six Senses La Sagesse set to open in Grenada next year or cruising through the Galapagos, the raft of enticements and high-end experiences encapsulated in these offerings are proving immensely popular.

Multi-generational magic

40% of respondents are planning a holiday to celebrate a milestone occasion in 2024 – from anniversaries to birthdays, honeymoons to family reunions. In fact, the number of multi-generational family groups travelling with Scott Dunn has doubled in 2023 compared to 2021 and increasingly, Scott Dunn has witnessed nostalgia playing an important role in the location choice. The survey revealed grandparents wanting to share their special memories of a destination, and with age ranges spanning from eight to 80 with a variety of interests at play, it’s the in-depth knowledge of a Scott Dunn travel expert who can formulate these custom, intricate itineraries for the whole family to enjoy. From reunions at an incredible private home in South Africa, to epic parties in private Scottish castles with bagpipers, roaring fires and flowing whisky, or even snorkelling in Belize followed by a gourmet dinner on a private yacht, these milestone occasions deserve memorable experiences, mind-blowing backdrops and lots of special surprises along the way - something the Travel Specialists at Scott Dunn excel at.

Vive la France

With France projected to become the most-visited country on Earth in 2025 and voted the #1 destination to visit in 2024 by Scott Dunn’s guests, the French destination experts at Scott Dunn have relaunched their collection of hotels and experiences across the country. Particularly exciting for history enthusiasts, who, in commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the D-Day Landings this June, can explore the beaches of Normandy by vintage military vehicle. A transformative journey, guests will be transported back to the key moments of World War II, guided by a historian who brings the past to life through storytelling and interactive exhibits.

Meet the masters

Travel for Scott Dunn’s guests is not just about discovering a destination, it’s about enriching their lives through new ideas, connections and experiences. Luxury travellers are more eager than ever to learn from local experts during their travels, whether that’s exploring the Vatican after-hours with an art historian, practising French over a glass of wine with a local legend in the Medoc, or learning to track animals in the wilds of Tanzania.

Teenagers' choice

As family travel experts, Scott Dunn has spotted a growing trend of teenager’s choice trips. The content children absorb on TikTok and YouTube continues to influence the destination choice for the next family holiday, with Iceland trending for 2024. It couldn’t be a better time to visit, with a new flight route from Gatwick to Akureyri and next year predicted to be a Solar Maximum – one of the best times in seven years to see the Northern Lights.

Top Trending Destinations

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