Travel FAQs

Answers on everything from dealing with different climates and cultures, to who to call in emergency.


What medication/jabs will I need when travelling abroad?
Please note that some countries require certificates for mandatory vaccinations. In addition the World Health Organisation and UK authorities have their own recommendations. As a tour operator, we are not qualified to provide recommendations on health or vaccinations beyond advising the mandatory requirements of the countries that you will be visiting. Therefore please contact your doctor, or the Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad (MASTA 0870 606 2782) who provide a very detailed report on each country you may visit, but they do charge for this service. Please note that some vaccinations and prophylaxis courses must be started up to 4 weeks before travel, so familiarise yourselves well before departure with the precautions recommended by health authorities.

What food/drink should I or shouldn’t I avoid?
The following guidelines may help you avoid illness caused by the change in diet, but do remember that food prepared in modern hotels is usually prepared to a very high standard of hygiene and is perfectly safe to eat:

  • Do not launch straight into hot/spicy local food. Pace yourself with more mild dishes
  • Avoid eating salads or food that could have been washed in local water
  • Avoid eating raw vegetables, unpeeled fruit and fish away from coastal areas
  • Where possible, ensure the food is hot and has been recently prepared. Drink only bottled water and ensure the seal is intact before opening
  • Avoid ice (in drinks) and ice cream

What insects will I encounter whilst abroad?
If visiting a tropical climate, it is likely that you will encounter a profusion of small insects and mosquitoes. It’s a good idea to keep arms and legs covered in the early mornings and evenings when mosquitoes are present, and use plenty of repellent. Do turn off room lights at night, as insects are attracted to light. It is important to be particularly vigilant in malarial areas.

What clothes should I wear on safari?
The type of clothing you take on holiday will differ depending on your destinations. However, here are some guidelines aimed at the more active holiday:

  • Neutral colours e.g. khaki, brown, green or beige. Avoid white/bright colours
  • Light, natural materials such as cotton and linen are cooler and easily washed
  • Long sleeved shirts and trousers for game drives and treks will protect you from the sun, mosquitoes and other jungle insects
  • A hat, sunglasses and sun screen
  • Comfortable walking shoes. Light, compact raincoat
  • Quick drying swimwear
  • Sturdy boots if climbing

What money shall I take?
We suggest that you only take enough cash (In US dollars or pounds sterling) for your immediate use, and rely upon a widely accepted credit card for shopping and settling any additional hotel bills. It is wise to also carry another card and/or travellers cheques which should be kept in a safe place in case of an emergency. In general, the best place to change money is at the airport where you will usually get the best rates and the shortest queues.

How much should I tip?
This is a difficult question to answer, and varies from person to person and how well you have been looked after. In general, we recommend that you leave a pooled tip for all the hotel staff with the manager or in the tipping box, so as not to forget those behind the scenes, of about £5 per person, per day. If you feel one person looked after you particularly well, you can always tip them individually.

Who should I call in case of a problem?
If any problems occur whilst on your holiday, please contact the manager of the hotel or our representative in the region. If this does not resolve the problem, please contact Scott Dunn by reverse charge call. We would much rather resolve any problems at the source and at the time of occurrence. Please note that it is one of our booking conditions that any complaints are drawn to the attention of our representatives or to our head office whilst on holiday so that we may have the opportunity to correct the matter, otherwise you may limit your legal rights. In an out-of-hours emergency, please call us on 020 8682 5099.

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