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Scott Dunn health and safety

Scott Dunn takes its Health & Safety responsibilities seriously. We have developed a Safety Management System, that we call Safely Dunn.

Safely Dunn sets out our policy and procedures for Health and Safety both abroad on our vacations and in our workplaces. We strive to embrace Safely Dunn throughout the company, from the board down, and throughout our network of suppliers and partners around the world.

Health and Safety on our vacations

Ensuring safe and healthy environments in all our overseas destinations is challenging given the many different legal and enforcement systems, but the company is committed to striving to ensure that all reasonable and practicable measures are taken. By working in partnership with our overseas suppliers to eliminate or reduce risks, we will endeavour to protect our guests as far as it is ‘reasonably’ possible, from injury, illness and fatality.

Scott Dunn work in partnership with Tranquillico and Sanderson Philips, who are respected Health & Safety consultants within the luxury tour operator sector, and we have set out an auditing program that aims over time to have audited all our vacation suppliers.

Furthermore we have instigated a robust reporting and feedback system in order that we can learn and improve over time.

For more information and Health and Safety advice while traveling abroad see www.gov.uk/knowbeforeyougo and Scott Dunn guide to Health and Safety abroad.

Health and Safety in the workplace

Scott Dunn has set out its workplace policies in Safely Dunn and we fully abide by UK regulations for Health and Safety.

For further information on our Health and Safety policies and procedures please contact our product team.

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