Rhino Conservation Safari

Eastern Cape Game Reserves, Eastern Cape, South Africa

This is one of the most exciting and educational activities we know of in South Africa, a chance to join the team at Kwandwe in the darting of their rhino for conservation and preservation purposes is unmatchable.

Alongside expert supervision, you will participate directly in Kwandwe's exciting rhino darting and conservation programme.

Rhino are tracked by vehicle and on foot, once located they are darted, microchips are planted into the horns and ear-notching is done for future identification - an essential task to ensure the preservation of this endangered species.

This activity is available year-round, however, May to September is preferable due to the cooler temperatures.

Children 16 years old and over are welcome. The cost of participating in this activity, for a group of up to 8 guests, is currently 18,360 South African rand.

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