Best Time to Visit South Africa

South Africa has a pleasant climate all year round, but the weather does vary depending on where and when you go. The hottest summer months are November to March, when temperatures in the Western Cape can reach the thirties. In contrast, Kruger National Park experiences rain at this time of year, meaning the foliage is denser and animals can be trickier to spot.

April to October is much cooler in the Western Cape, with June to August being the main winter months. Daytime temperatures are still pleasant (usually late teens) but rainfall can be frequent. On the flip side, this is the dry season in the Kruger, so game becomes much more visible as the bush thins out and animals gather around waterholes. Our main advice for travellers to South Africa is to be flexible. Decide what’s most important to you – be that certain things you want to see or the time of year you want to travel – and put that at the centre of your planning. Whether it’s unbeatable game viewing in the Kruger, migrating whales off the coast of Hermanus or seasonal flowers in the Northern Cape, we can guide you on the best time to visit South Africa; ensuring you witness some truly unmissable moments.

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Climate guide for South Africa

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cape Town & the Western Cape 21°C 13mm 22°C 19mm 20°C 42mm 18°C 72mm 16°C 44mm 14°C 116mm 13°C 112mm 14°C 40mm 17°C 57mm 17°C 152mm 19°C 21mm 20°C 31mm
Eastern Cape 22°C 58mm 22°C 76mm 21°C 98mm 19°C 101mm 18°C 33mm 16°C 14mm 17°C 7mm 16°C 5mm 18°C 38mm 19°C 44mm 20°C 58mm 20°C 46mm
Garden Route 19°C 8mm 20°C 25mm 19°C 54mm 17°C 8mm 16°C 10mm 14°C 5mm 13°C 13mm 13°C 3mm 16°C 57mm 16°C 11mm 18°C 17mm 19°C 2mm
Greater Kruger -5°C 65mm -3°C 69mm 0°C 68mm 7°C 83mm 12°C 101mm 18°C 106mm 23°C 74mm 21°C 54mm 18°C 36mm 12°C 141mm 2°C 39mm 0°C 81mm
Madikwe and the northwest 25°C 181mm 24°C 154mm 25°C 43mm 19°C 82mm 17°C 0mm 12°C 1mm 12°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 21°C 1mm 26°C 3mm 25°C 121mm 24°C 133mm
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