Best Time to Visit Zimbabwe

The best time to visit Zimbabwe will depend on the kinds of experiences you wish to have, and it is a year-round destination. The climate falls into the typical Southern Africa weather pattern with late October/November through to March being considered the wet season and from April to mid-October being the dry season when the vegetation typically dries up.

It is worth noting that travellers to Zimbabwe in September/October can expect very high temperatures in the day and a dry, oppressive heat and in July, August certain areas can get surprisingly cold so hats, gloves and layers often can be required. Birdwatching is particularly good in the wet season as this is a time when a high number of migratory birds can be found in the country. To see the mighty Victoria Falls at their height and full flow, we would recommend April to June.

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Climate guide for Zimbabwe

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hwange National Park 15°C 36mm 17°C 80mm 22°C 9mm 27°C 8mm 31°C 6mm 30°C 131mm 27°C 500mm 28°C 340mm 26°C 201mm 23°C 5mm 21°C 0mm 14°C 24mm
Lake Kariba and Matusadona National Park 28°C 20mm 29°C 7mm 31°C 2mm 29°C 33mm 25°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 23°C 0mm 26°C 0mm 28°C 2mm 35°C 0mm 32°C 36mm 31°C 40mm
Matopos Hills and Bulawayo 24°C 50mm 25°C 23mm 25°C 0mm 23°C 11mm 20°C 0mm 17°C 0mm 18°C 0mm 21°C 0mm 22°C 0mm 27°C 0mm 26°C 78mm 26°C 46mm
Victoria Falls - the Zim side 21°C 17mm 19°C 36mm 18°C 91mm 15°C 34mm 12°C 133mm 9°C 91mm 9°C 113mm 8°C 114mm 11°C 99mm 14°C 67mm 14°C 91mm 17°C 17mm
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