24hrs to the White Desert and back

Cape Town, South Africa

This incredible experience is a 24 hour round trip which takes you to the stunning icebergs of the Antarctic and back to Cape Town. This unique opportunity to explore the white desert truly is the 'greatest day' to share with family or friends

Part of the 'Exceptional Ellerman Experiences' collection, this unique and innovative experience really does stand out from the crowd as one of the most exciting opportunities on offer from Cape Town.

Exclusively on offer for the guests of Ellerman House, this 24hr round trip to Antarctica is an experience one will not forget. Imagine spending a few days on African safari, a few days soaking up the culture of Cape Town and the Winelands before flying to the Antarctic on an adventure like no other.

Depart on a private gulfstream jet at night for a quick five and half hour flight, fly over the white desert below before arriving in a land of 24 hour day light. Guests will land on the packed ice runway before being whisked off by 4x4s to the stunning Schirmacher Oasis, a land of lakes, science bases and impressive cliffs.

With an aim to spend 8 hours on the ground exploring, your private guide will assist you with partaking in a host of activities ranging from gentle to as adrenaline-fueled as you could possibly wish.

You will round up your day in the Antarctic with a gourmet champagne dinner before flying back to Cape Town in your jet. After 24 hours in the Antarctic, you will find yourself back in Cape Town nestling into your cozy bed at Ellerman House where you will have to pinch yourself to make sure it wasn't just a fantastic dream.

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