Out-of-Hours Museum of Anthropology

Mexico City, Mexico

Explore one of the World's largest collections of pre-Hispanic artefacts on this private, out-of-hours tour to Mexico's Anthropology Museum. Be humbled by the impressive Aztec Calendar and make the most of having this impressive place all to yourselves.

Your guide will escort you to the Museum of Anthropology in time for closing so you can really enjoy this vast collection of impressive artefacts without any disturbance. As everyone else floods to the exits you will begin your tour, allowing it to be easily personalised to your interests.

There is no better way to experience this fascinating place and the stand-out piece is the iconic Stone of the Sun, or Aztec Calendar, a breathtaking sculpture weighing 24 tonnes and representing symbols of high cosmic and spiritual importance to members of the Aztec empire. Also look out for the reconstruction of the beautiful headdress of Moctezuma, a resplendent piece constructed from vivid blue and green quetzal feathers.

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