Things to Do in Mexico

Mexico is Latin America’s heavy hitter in terms of diversity of activities. There are countless experiences to be had throughout this buzzing country and it is nearly impossible to list them all. The experiences in Mexico mostly revolve around a few key points of interest: culture & history, food & drink, art, wildlife, adventure and relaxation.

Some of the most popular experiences include visiting the ruins of a variety of ancient civilizations, like the Mayan site of Chichen Itza; snorkeling and diving with whale sharks, the gentle giants of Baja; and swimming in the Yucatan’s natural sink holes, or cenotes. However, there is so much more to experience in Mexico than just this. We can arrange private, after hours visits to Mexico City’s most popular museums, take you on a market-to-kitchen cooking class to experience the true taste of Mexico, or maybe set up a private one-on-one with a local artist to learn all about their work. Of course, a trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a tequila tasting!

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