Best Time to Visit Mexico

The best time to visit Mexico is going to be during their winter, or dry season, so as to avoid any heavy rains, extreme temps and high humidity. This ranges from about December to April when it is very dry and not too hot. The coolest months of the year are December, January and February so make sure to bring a jacket.

During the rainy season, from May to October, you can expect heavy rains, especially on the East Coast. The East Coast is also most affected by the hurricane season, which runs from June to November, so best to avoid that area during those months. Mexico is such a vast country that the weather can be different depending on which region you are in. Make sure you are clear with your travel consultant on your desired time of travel and they are clear with you on what weather to expect whilst on your trip.

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Climate guide for Mexico

Destination Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Colonial Highlands 28°F 64mm 30°F 76mm 36°F 59mm 49°F 143mm 56°F 59mm 68°F 119mm 77°F 120mm 73°F 104mm 64°F 33mm 54°F 158mm 38°F 77mm 32°F 140mm
Mexico City and Puebla 57°F 12mm 62°F 6mm 65°F 16mm 66°F 15mm 69°F 111mm 65°F 534mm 63°F 486mm 65°F 362mm 64°F 523mm 63°F 367mm 62°F 109mm 58°F 0mm
Oaxaca and Chiapas 80°F 0mm 81°F 6mm 82°F 15mm 84°F 1mm 82°F 368mm 82°F 487mm 81°F 189mm 81°F 281mm 80°F 455mm 80°F 176mm 81°F 22mm 80°F 1mm
Pacific Coast 78°F 4mm 77°F 35mm 76°F 386mm 71°F 95mm 66°F 48mm 62°F 91mm 61°F 27mm 62°F 7mm 65°F 10mm 68°F 13mm 73°F 1mm 76°F 157mm
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