Jaipur - Bazaars, Cuisine and Crafts of Old Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

Jaipur is awash with craftsman and artisans which make an amazing wander through the streets unforgettable. You will enjoy the sights with a personal guide.

From its creation in 1727, the royal families and nobles of Jaipur patronised the craftsmen and artisans of the city and these traditions continue to this day. Using skills passed down through generations, artisans and master craftsmen can be seen in the areas of Ghat Darwaza and Vishveshwar ji.

On this fascinating evening walk, mingle and talk with the locals whilst sampling some of the region's culinary delights from some of the city’s most popular street food vendors. Observe local artisans in their workshops; jewellers, silversmiths as well as meenakari and kundan artists. Midway through this walk visit a local resident in his private haveli which is beautifully decorated with rich tapestries, carpets and rare artefacts, before finishing at Tripolia gate to enjoy the colourful and vibrant bazaar.

Visit Swayam Bhu Hanuman Temple. They say that the idol mysteriously appeared from under the ground many centuries ago!

Walk through Hanuman Ka Rasta. A bustling alley and craft lover’s delight; from wedding card manufactures, to book binding and printing, to gold and silver casters. This lane is teaming with the skill and traditions of a bygone era.

Visit a President’s award winning fifth generation meenakari craftsman in his workshop.

Observe the animated and brisk gemstone traders on Gopalji ka Rasta.

Visit Nayala Haveli. Hidden behind large gates, this beautiful property is owned and managed by the local Jain community.

For foodies, Ghee Walon ka Rasta is an entire street dedicated to eating and finding the best food! Sample a large variety of Indian savoury snacks including samosa, kachories and pakoras. For those with a sweeter tooth, try the ladoos.

Meet the money changers along Johari Bazaar. Rummage through their collections of old coins where some date back to the time of the Mughals!

As the walk draws to a close, see the perfume and flower sellers in front of Laksmi Narayan Baiji. The walk finishes opposite the Hawa Mahal on Bari Chaupar.

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