Fishing in the Selous Game Reserve

Selous, Tanzania

While in the main the Selous Game Reserve is an arid area, certain sections are blessed by the permanent waters of the Rufiji River and the northern lakes. These water sources are home to great volumes of catfish, and the fierce fighting tiger fish.

What a fantastic way to add variety to your safari. Spend an afternoon on one of the lakes or patrolling the sandbanks of the Rufiji River. Manoeuvring around resident hippo, your experienced guide will place you in the best spot to get stuck into the hard fighting fresh-water fish of these waters.

The lakes and rivers are home to a wide variety of catfish, some growing to many feet in length. However, the real target is the greatest of all African fresh water fish, the tiger! You'll know immediately if you've hooked into one of these, the water will explode with an acrobatic aerial display of flashing silver, blood red fins and dagger sharp gnashing teeth. In all likelihood you wont be on for long, but a bit of patience and some luck could see you landing one of the highly sought big tigers!

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