Tanzania Travel Guides

Our specialists have travelled far and wide across Tanzania’s varied lands and will be able to guide you in crafting the perfect itinerary. To help get you started and perhaps provide a little big of travel inspiration, we’ve put together an extensive library of Tanzania travel guides to whet your appetite and answer some of your most pressing travel questions.

From the ultimate guide to the great wildebeest migration, helping you pick the best front row seat to the greatest show on earth, to Zanzibar’s best beaches and properties for different tastes. Let us guide you to your ultimate Tanzanian adventure.

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Tanzania only came into existence in 1964, following the union of Tanganyika and Zanzibar in 1964. There are over 120 tribes on the mainland, most of which migrated from other parts of Africa.

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Local culture in Tanzania

Read our quick guide to Tanzania before your trip so you can appreciate this unique country even more!

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Useful phrases

Learn some local phrases ahead of your trip to Tanzania!

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Our highlights

There is so much to love about Tanzania which is why it was hard for us to whittle our highlight list down to just 7 items!

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Practical info

We've put together a list of practical information to help you get to know Tanzania.

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Singita Explore Women's Run

This is a unique opportunity to experience a Serengeti safari while contributing to female empowerment in Africa. Participate in a one-of-a-kind safari experience, while staying at Singita Explore - a private tented safari experience that captures the true essence of adventure.

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