Bait Al Baranda

Muscat, Oman

Built in the 1930s, Bait Al Baranda was converted into a museum in 2006. The museum focuses on the history of Muscat, offering interactive displays and exhibitions.

Until the 1970s, Oman was a fairly isolated country, meaning the history of the nation and its capital is often not well known amongst modern travellers.

Bait Al Baranda explores the geography, culture and history of Muscat, covering a number of important periods, including: the Earliest Human Settlements in Muscat, the Frankincense Trade, the Omani Conversion to Islam, The Portuguese Occupation and the Al Bu Said Dynasty.

The museum even offers a glimpse into the area's history pre-Muscat, with a 'cut and paste' dinosaur comprised of bones found close to the city, and ones borrowed from international collections.

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