Oman Travel Guides

Our experts have travelled Oman extensively, understanding everything there is to know about this Middle Eastern gem and so have done all the heavy lifting for you. The guide to Oman delves deeper into more practical and logistical questions that you would have before visiting, understanding how to combine it with other countries, Oman for families as well as understanding that when you travel to the mountains and desert you will be in 4WD.

There are also blogs providing first-hand experiences from our experts and their time in Oman as they embarked on adventures through the country.

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Local culture in Oman

Read our quick guide to local culture in Oman before your trip so you can appreciate this unique country even more!

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When to go to Oman

Oman is bathed in sunshine all year round, perfect for a beach break or heading into the interior on a more adventurous itinerary.

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Our guide to Oman

Oman is a hidden gem waiting to be explored, where a blend of modern Arabia comes together with ancient traditions to offer visitors incredible holidays and superb experiences: on the coast, in Oman’s mysterious deserts or in the breathtaking Jabal Akhdar mountains. Travel on your own, with family, friends or on honeymoon - Oman has something for everyone. Scott Dunn’s guide to this fascinating country tells you more.

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