Frankincense Trail

Salalah, Oman

A half-day tour outside Salalah taking in the tomb of the Prophet Job and the mountains behind the city where frankincense trees abound. The tour drops down to Mughsayl Beach and the blowholes before winding through breathtaking roads to the Yemen border.

This half-day tour begins by heading up into the mountains to visit the tomb of the Biblical Prophet Job (or 'Nabi Ayoub' in Arabic), located high up in the lush hills above Salalah with spectacular views. There are plenty of frankincense trees around, of which there are several different types, and Dhofari frankincense has been rated the best in the world.

From the mountains, the tour takes you down to Mughsayl Beach, the location of the blow holes which shoot sea water up into the air through the rock during high tide. Along dramatic roads winding through the hills, you will eventually reach a wadi and then continue along the road which leads to the border with Yemen for spectacular views of the mountains. There is also the opportunity to visit the bird sanctuary where seasonal birds may be seen.

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