Diving Cabo Pulmo

Baja California, Mexico

Declared a marine reserve in 1995, Cabo Pulmo is a prime spot at the tip of Baja California for diving, getting up close to a spectacularly colourful array of marine life. Every season offers something unique and it's suitable for all experience levels.

Located at the southern tip of Baja California, Cabo Pulmo offers fantastic diving at the edge of the wildlife rich Sea of Cortez, named as the 'world's aquarium' by Jacques Cousteau. The reef and marine reserve here is protected by locals, and since the removal of the fishing industry in 1995, the marine life has been thriving. Encounter an abundance of colourful fish species as you explore the clear waters, accompanied by your local National Geographic guide.

When the water is warmer, visibility is at its best, and it's likely you'll come across huge schools of jacks which create a tornado-like effect in the water as they swirl around each other. In the colder months, although visibility is reduced there is also a much larger number of fish and other marine life making for memorable diving. As well as the life under the water, mobula rays can be seen skipping across the surface as they hunt for food and there is a small possibility of spying sharks if you're lucky, although this is usually easiest to see from above! Whales and dolphins can also be seen at certain times of the year (the best chance of seeing whales is between November and March).

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