Geocaching in Val Gardena

Dolomites, Italy

One of the most novel ways to explore the beautiful landscape around Val Gardena is to have a go at Geocaching. This modern day treasure hunt involves using a mobile phone or GPS device to find various hidden containers or caches dotted all over the area.

This is a fantastic activity for all the family to get involved in, even teenagers will find it engaging as it combines using a mobile phone to find a series of hidden treasures with hiking and discovering the beauty of the local area. The only equipment needed is a mobile phone or GPS device with the geocaching software downloaded, together with a good pair of walking boots.

The geocache containers are discreetly hidden so that they can only be found by dedicated 'geocachers' and need to be re-hidden to be camouflaged in such a way that they cannot be found by people not taking part. Geocaching is a really exciting way to explore the UNESCO Dolomites and the exceptionally stunning local areas around Val Gardena.

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