Hyderabad - Old City Foodie Tour

Hyderabad, Central India, India

Enjoy a foodie tour of Hyderabad wandering the small streets of the old city. Although famous for the delicious and well-loved Biryani, there's an array of flavours to discover on this three hour tour.

Begin this experience, perfect for food lovers, exploring one of Hyderabad's oldest vegetable markets before making your way through the narrow streets sampling some of the delicious delicacies from Irani tea, Osmania biscuits or warm local bread.

Later discover Hyderabadi haleem, a popular stew often cosumed at weddings and during Iftaar (the evening meal following the day-long fast during Ramadan). Made up of meat, lentils and pounded wheat, it derives from an Arabic dish which was brought to Hyderabad during the Nizams reign over the city. Today, there are many different varieties of this popular dish and a lot like the Biryani, there is much debate about what ingredients make for the best haleem.

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