Historical walking tour of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Focusing on the history of both the Cold War and World War II, this walking tour of Berlin visits some of the city's most iconic landmarks, including Brandenburg Gate and the impressive Reichstag.

Take to the streets of Berlin on foot and head straight for Brandenburg Gate, the spot where Hitler's inauguration was celebrated in 1933 and one of the city's more significant sights, conjuring up images of the armed torchlight parade which took place all those years ago.

Then head to the Reichstag in the heart of the city. Instantly recognisable for its central, space-age domed structure, the Reichstag was rebuilt after an arson attack in 1933, the catalyst that caused Hitler's dictatorship.

The tour then takes you to explore the Soviet war museum, the holocaust memorial, the former Gestapo headquarters and the remains of the Berlin wall, before ending with a visit to the infamous 'Checkpoint Charlie' which was at the centre of a tank stand-off between US and soviet forces in 1961.

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