Angkor Wat at Sunrise

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Experience the majesty of Angkor Wat with a short sunrise tour, the best time to visit this ancient monument and one of Southeast Asia's most important archaeological sites.

It's no secret that Angkor Wat attracts hoards of visitors each year; it's not surprising considering the grandeur and intricate detail of this world famous monument. It's therefore important to go before the crowds arrive and we highly recommend sunrise as the time to go. With your expert guide you will rise early to see Angkor Wat at it's best, before the coaches arrive and when the light is at its best. Your guide is experienced in avoiding other people so expect to be taken to hidden corners, where at times you might have the place to yourself!

Please note you are required to wear clothing that covers your shoulders and below the knee, it is also suggested that you wear comfortable footwear.

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